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How do people subscribe to your blog?

  1. Adding RSS buttons by using text widget. OK, I am a couple months late to this thread and the link from Jan 5 gives a 404 code.

    Any new links to this code?

  2. So I just started blogging, like yesterday. My blog is a registered members only blog for my family, we're spread out across the states and I want to use it to keep in touch. At any rate, I have been following this discussion until I ran into the snag that you can not use feeds on registered member only blogs. Any other way to have your members emailed when there is a new post?


  3. Nothing for private blogs right now that I know of, sorry.


  4. thistimethisspace

    Excuse me. I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for but it may be worth checking into for a free family mailing list you create yourself. Once a list is created you can send email (a link to a new blog post) to the list and everyone in the list will receive it. When you reply the email, everyone will receive the reply.

  5. I wish WordPress allows elective notification by email (checkbox option) when you comment on a blog and you're asked if you would like to be notified of all responses to that post. MistyLook theme creator Sadish has done on his own site

    Support is closed for the weekend. Will email them re this come Monday.

  6. Thanks folks. You confirmed what I thought the answer would be. I will give an email list a try, as well as send in feedback requesting a notification option for private blogs.

  7. thistimethisspace

    Best wishes and thanks for the thanks.

  8. We have a large addressbook of people we want to have follow our travels via our WP blog. I've initially sent them all the url and advised they bookmark it. Philosophically I *hate* forcing people (myself included) to sign up for/register for/become members of yet another online service - but isn't that what an RSS does? I just want a way for people WHO CHOOSE to be able to know when there's a new post to read, and an easy way for them to get to the url. Is RSS the best way to do this?

  9. One requires a free rss feed reader account to receive the posts by rss feed. Here is the feedburner alternative which amounts to the same
    You can also set up a free mailing list service at
    But if you do not wish to have any 3rd party involvement at all then you will simply have to email the posts out yourself.
    HTH :)

  10. IMO RSS is the best way. Your readers don't have to be members of wordpress to read your RSS feed, they just need a feed reader, as Timethief has pointed out.

  11. Thanks timethief and judyb12. I'll have to think on this to decide which way to go. We have some non-techie friends and family, so RSS may be confusing to them (as it obviously is to me). But at least I know there are options.

  12. Kind of new here, and read all the threads.

    What is needed to have a subscription widget going through an auto-responder? I would like to be able to be in touch with my readers in other ways.

  13. Are you hosted here at Your username is linked to a commercial site, not to your blog (if you have one). If you are self-hosted then you need to inquire over at . use a multi-user version of the software and few, if any, of the volunteers here are familiar with the software.

    Here at, you can use feedburner to alert subscribers to new posts:

    In your feedburner account, the emails of your subscribers are listed. You could then create a "group" in your email program with those email addresses in it, and then send emails to that group through your email program.

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