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how do "text-cut"

  1. u know how in Livejournal you can LJ "cut"

    how do i do that in a post?

  2. We don't currently support a cut. But you can have an extended post by pressing the more button in the wysiwyg to break up your post into two.

  3. hey matt,


    you see how at the end of a post it says, "read more" -- that seems to suggest that you guys were thinking about having a "cut" option.

    am i right?

  4. The "read more" is for an extended entry. Many people when they post a long entry they break it up and display only the first para of two.

    By placing the "more tag" after the second para the index page will only display to that point and the "read more" link. When hitting that link a reader is then taken to the full entry.

    The theme you are using just happens to show read more whether you use the tag or not.

  5. Worth adding that the two big differences between the 'more' tag and the lj-cut are:

    1) you can only have one 'more' tag per entry.
    2) you can't edit the text of the 'read more' link.

    Other than that, they're more or less interchangeable.

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