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How do that the user at wordpress getting own url?

  1. How do that the user at wordpress getting own url?
    something like http://*nick/username**?

  2. They probably have the software from and are hosting a wordpress install on their own site elsewhere.

    You did read the Read me First, right?

  3. Yes I have read the read me =)
    something like this understand?

  4. Not really. If they're hosted at, then currently they're not hosted at Staff is currently betatesting domain mapping but if you're hosted here at, then you have the name in your URL here.

  5. But you HAVE that. Are you asking how this technically happens? Because I clicked on your name and saw that very blog. It already exists. To post or do anything else with it, go to and sign in with your username and password.

  6. Or are you asking how to install the software that runs this site onto your own webspace? If so, you can grab a copy over at It's the Multiuser version of WordPress.

  7. I know that. But how too get users on my wordpress on my own host to get it like that. not on

  8. Thanks drmike =) Thats what I want =)

  9. Have you created a blog with the user name fakku?

    You really need to be discussing this over at the site.

    edit: Looks more like you haven't followed the installation instructions about DNS and Apache in the readme file.

  10. Yes I have. hmm *reading again*

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