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How do the blogs on get there?

  1. Everytime I log in to my WordPress I get 5 or 6 blogs that are featured on the front and it seems they are usually the same ones. How do they get there? Are they chosen or does the WordPress charge money to be put on there?


  2. Here's the second link

    How the Top Blogs, Growing Blogs and Top Posts are determined is a closely held secret that is not shared to prevent bloggers from "gaming the system".

    Information on stats

  3. lettershometoyou

    There is a giant electronic dart board in the sub-basement of wordpress headquarters. Whatever blogs happen to be thrown at the time you click on the page is the one you see.

  4. However: if you don't use that tiny handful of categories on your blog, you'll never, EVER be on the front page.

  5. However: if you don't use that tiny handful of categories on your blog, you'll never, EVER be on the front page.

    Really? Not even for Hawt post? [Like I have any chance ever reaching that..]

    Well, that is a bit silly then, I don't use any of those categories!

  6. Nope, never. Those categories reinforce one another exactly the same way the Top Posts widget does: the posts in those lists get so many more hits they bury all the others, barring a miracle like simultaneous linkage from BoingBoing AND PerezHilton.

  7. Isn't the Hawt Post taken from the top 20 posts of the day?

  8. See above: getting posted to's main page is worth a lot of hits. Outside of a tsunami from Google or BoingBoing or something, it's hard to knock them off. Scroll through Top Posts and see how many don't use any of those cats.

  9. There are 12 categories/departments. Let's assume that any "news" blog will have articles in all of those categories - need I say more?

  10. Well, whilst it all makes sense, one of yesterday's Hawt Post [Who came up with that name?!] doesn't have any of those categories..

    Halo, Video Games, eBay Finds.

    But alas, she has 310 000 hits after 6 months, I have 120 000 after 13 months.. Does the top 100 blogs system still excist somewhere?

  11. Yes, go to and you can find it there.

  12. Thanks raincoaster. I was looking for that the other day but couldn't find it.

  13. I don't think they want to publicize it. It gets very controversial. So only people who remember the URL off the top of their heads, basically, can find it.

  14. Ok... I'm 'sports'. Should I feel guilty?

  15. About what? Sport fans are common in any country. Not to worry. Your category/department is not likely to disappear. ;)

  16. lettershometoyou

    What I can't understand is why they call it News Department when the stuff you click on is more than six weeks old. I clicked on this today:

    October 16th? What gives? Can't it be set to filter out old stuff?

  17. What happen to the World category? What about a News category? Since the World category has been change, I find myself limited with many of my post in trying to place them in the appropriate category. It would be really nice to have a few more categories but at least bring back the World category or something similar please. As noted previously, what can be done about the old post still showing up. This is Dec and Oct post is still popping up. I like to show up on WordPress front page too.

  18. I've got to the top 50 fastest growing a few times on the back of press coverage, with few if any of those categories, but it is hard to see how it works. Boing Boing still haven't taken the bait damn them!

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