How do the public upload artwork?

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    How, public, upload, Artwork, to my site.

    The blog I need help with is


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    I’m not sure I understand your question.

    Do you mean that you want people who comment on your blog to be able to upload pictures in their comments?
    If so, that is not possible.

    If you want people to be able to upload their own pictures (and post to your blog), you could make them users:


    Be careful what roles you give people, especially if you want them to be an Editor or Administrator.



    It sounds to me like you don’t want a blog; you want a wiki. They are designed to get input from all over. Blogs are designed for one or a few users to post, and for the rest to comment.

    If you want something like icanhascheezburger, you will need an independent WordPress install with a LOT of custom code, or the VIP program here, which is far from cheap.



    Thankyou Raincoaster. I guessed it would not be easy. What I want is to be able to make artwork available to print without having to print the whole page. I thought it would be more interesting if other people played a part. Can I make a page on my site available to print Using a link on my home page?



    People can print images you upload easily if you set them to Link To File when you upload them. Then people just click on the image to get the image alone without all the page formatting. Then they can print it as-is.



    Thankyou Raincoaster.

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