How do u make a “quiet” TimeStamp date change ?

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    Using WP version 2.3.3…

    I already published a blog post. But when I change the day value of “Post Timestamp” date, the actual URL path to this post has changed as a result too. Grrr.

    For ex.

    Thus, anyone who has — or clicks on — the old URL, will be brought to a dead/broken page since the old URL path is NO longer valid.

    Is there any way to avoid this unfavorable UX?
    Is there any way to quietly change the day, but NOT destroy the URL path?
    How does changing the date of the post affect the RSS readers?
    Will they think this post got published 2x?
    Or can the post be edited for simply display purposes, but NOT affect the assesibility, and functionality in any way?
    What are some of the implications of changing “the day”?

    Thanks in advance.

    In solidarity.


    In solidarity, but there are two notices just above the tab you pressed to post this. The one says “8 Things To Know Before Posting”.




    I edit a blog, and searched around the documentation for a resolution, but nothing in this “8 things to know” addresses this issue?.

    I now am obviously aware of some of the unintended consequences of modifying the date (post-publishing). But did NOT know if there is any aspect to the WP UI that I am missing — which will enable me to better understand and control the reverb effects?



    You’re in the wrong place.



    Ah! Thank you Katm…

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