How do u rate wordpress out of 10

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    well i give 7/10



    Hmm…. tricky……

    10/10 :)



    9.5/10 (not a perfect score because they haven’t fixed the Norfolk tag)



    I will have to say 9/10!



    That’s easy to answer 9.5/10 because I don’t give out perfect scores.



    A score out of 10 would be meaningless unless one specified what ’10’ meant. So, here goes:
    Self-hosted WordPress: 10/10 8/10
    Blogger: 6/10


    9.5/10 there should always be room for improvement!




    8.5/10. It’s a great survice, with catagories, askimet, pages, etc.

    But the limitation on customization and little bugs in the WYSIWYG editor bring my score down.


    6/10….. Should have more customising options, custom header on default, and be able to use some javascript.



    Ehhh javascript… asking for trouble, I think. What do you need it for? I think the best thing about WP is you don’t get bogged down in a MySpace-like customization swamp. I like the limits. They keep me focused on actually writing stuff instead of tweaking the borders of my comment boxes, etc. If you really want a custom, custom blog, why not make one from scratch then? Or use self-hosted WP?

    Anyone use Backpackit? Same philosophy: Less features(but highly polished ones) = more useable interface and a happier user experience.




    reson behid that it not very much user friendly as the other blog available at NET




    9.8/10 because (as far as i know before moving into self hosted blog):

    – Extremely fast server because i never had speed issue at wordpress
    – You always using the latest version of wordpress with enhanced security feature which is unavailable at self hosted blogs (unless you know about php) and this is extremely important
    – There’s no need to do daily backup =P
    – There’s no need to promote your blogs into thousand of blogs directory , search engine, because of wordpress tag system
    – Unlimited bandwidth and storage (not as file storage / photo storage) which is not available on self hosted blog .. lol
    – etc , etc



    It would be 10/10 from me. Why?

    a blog does everything I want and need it to do. It displays my blog posts in a readable fashion, clear, clean, SECURE and FREE.

    I have my hosted blog if I want to do any funky stuff and does the rest. I have (I think) 4 blogs here right now. :)

    Did someone give Blogger 4/10 back up the thread somewhere?

    /me runs away laughing….



    Wow, this looks familiar: can we kill the old thread?

    To reiterate: 9/10. I like that wordpress doesn’t let me put anything in my blog that would kill it. Also, that it makes google my bitch (google “Lucy Gao anal retentive” if you doubt). WordPress is mighty!



    9.9/10 for free blog platforms. I’ve tried damned near every one of them, and there’s just nothing close to WP.



    I would go with 9.8/10. I was thinking 9.9/10, but I wanted to allow more room for improvement.



    7/10, but better than Blogger, which I just switched from. I’d like to see the pages refresh more quickly when changes are made. Specifically: comments, changes to the sidebar–those don’t happen for a long time. I haven’t actually timed this, but I generally shut down in the evening and in the morning, the changes finally appear online.



    The glitches with photos are really irritating (thumbnails randomly disappearing) if this was fixed, 9/10… with the photo problems 4/10



    All changes to your sidebar widgets are cached. If you clear your browser cache you will see the changes in short order. Taking as long as you have indicated means you have browser issues. Try forcing your browser to clear after you make changes. Hold down ctrl key and press F5 simultaneously. I’m on unlimited high speed internet service with a dedicated computer line (no phone splitting) I have a firefox browser and the changes I make to my sidebar are visible within seconds. The same can be said about my pages and comments they refresh almost instantly.In addition to browser issues you could also have ISP issues but I thought you should know that what you are reporting doesn’t have anything to do with wordpress.

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