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How do we get listed on Google News?

  1. A handful of bloggers on my blogroll get listed on Google News. Not the regular Google search but when you click News. Sometimes in the past I post a story that only a handful on Google News have done also. But they're listed but not me. I'm listed on the Google search but not Google News. And this might be a clue but how do I become a news source:

    Search and browse 4,500 news sources updated continuously.

  2. You have to put yourself in for the Google Blog search (if memory serves), so maybe you have to submit your blog for the News search as well.

  3. THANKS!

  4. * cries *

    Hi Capri,

    Thank you for your note. We've reviewed ****
    but are unable to include it in Google News at this time. We don't include sites that are written and maintained by individuals. We appreciate your taking the time to contact us and will log your site for consideration should our requirements change.

    The Google Team

  5. What a terrible disappointment. No blogs by individuals yucko. Then what are they looking for cartels?

  6. Well atleast the Google Team replied. I had posted a similar request to Yahoo (they display blogs when one searches for a particular news) and never received a response.

  7. How do they know I'm an individual and not part of a staff? Maybe my staff are all on vacation. lol But the blogger I know that's listed does have writers. Maybe that's it.

  8. Lol, Nosy: maybe they saw the eyeball...Google News only lists newspapers. Do you do original reporting or do interviews with notables; publish original medical, science or tech news, original research papers of some category? Otherwise: Is your blog in Google's *Search? If not: you can submit it to them, to crawl, instead of waiting for the spider to find it.

    (Who's eyeball?) Happy October 1 to all --what the Heck happend, where is summer....

  9. If you write posts for, then they'll get listed in Google News.

  10. Thanks! I emailed them and got a reply back and Blogcritics accepted me saying they want to get more into entertainment news. But I read through the very long email with all these instructions and I thought their site was like a news aggregator (sp) where they pull my site to their site. But no, it's like I would have to be running a second blog which I don't have the time right now to do. I passed the site along to a friend who's a writer and has been looking for more traffic for her site. But on the brighter side, I got this email today from this top women's site and they want me on their blogroll and I nearly peed my pants. SWEET!

  11. One thing about blogcritics, it drives almost no traffic to your site unless you link to your site in your article. Then it can be good. So what I'll do is if I have something particularly good that links back to my site a lot I'll copy it to Bloglines.

    re: Google news. They clarified their documents today on what type of sites they accept.

  12. I wrote a comment to a BlogCritics article and signed with name and URL. I've been getting readers from it ever since.

    ~Congrats, Nosy. What kind of "top women's site"?

  13. Nosy, if they allow it, you could always mirror your site with them using Blogdesk.

  14. It's iVillage

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