How do we get more out of WORDPRESS?

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    I am really new to WORDPRESS. I have heard from a recent seminar I attended that we can use WORDPRESS to create simple websites, how do we do that?

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    well you heard right. WordPress is an amazing tool for content management! What would you be interested in creating? Have you thought of writing your own codes for wordpress?

    There is a very good tutorial on this website (it is down at the moment but should be back by the time you read this):

    If this doesn’t help you, drop me a reply and maybe specify a bit more what you are interested in! and looking for.



    Those instructions don’t apply to blogs; questions about blogs other than those hosted here at should be directed to the forums, where there are a lot of skilled people who can advise on the options.

    This forum is for questions about blogs that are hosted at Is that what you’re asking about?



    how do we get more out of wordpress?

    well first, you’ve got to get the basics! then only can you get more, whatever it could be you’re looking for.

    just to note, wordpress is to create a blog basically, though many people use it as a “simple website” of sorts.



    I love these kinds of seminars. You pay them a bunch of money, they get up there and make a whole bunch of bland statements with no backing material or proof, everyone’s nodding their heads like they know what’s going on, and you’re sitting there wondering if you missed it.

    It’s like reading API docs for something Web2.0. ;)

    Also you’re already using wordpress as a website. It’s right here. MAybe if you told us more of what you wanted to do with it, we could help. :)

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