How do we make a blog for someone else?

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    I’m new to WP (3 days old) but love it! I would like to create a blog for each new client, but I’m wondering if those new accounts will forever be attached to my email address and/or account? Maybe that’s not a problem if they are, but is there a way to create new accounts for clients even though WP’s servers recognizes me every time I enter WP land?


    The blog I need help with is



    You can transfer a blog to someone else – there are some safeguards in the process to make sure that the transfer is wanted by both parties – and yes there are step by step instructions in the Support Documents.


    auxclass …awesome! Thanks so much! You made my day.



    You are welcome and good luck –

    I have set up a few blogs for friends and it went well – I am still the Admin as they did not want the job but they do use the blog to keep in touch with their friends.

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