how do you access text editor to retrieve recent drafts of a post?

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    I was changing around the order of some things in a post and then whole chunks of my work disappeared. I want to revert to an earlier saved version. I found out how but I don’t see where to access the text editor so I can choose from the mythical last 25 saved versions of my post. I really don’t want to write everything again.

    The blog I need help with is



    OK. I figured it out. Just a suggestion, though. Don’t hide things automatically. I’m a technological idiot. I need to have all the options available to me before I can decide what I don’t need to see all the time. I always wondered what that Screen Options tab was for….






    Are you using this step by step tutorial?



    Hello. For anyone who else who arrives at this page looking for a clear answer, here’s how to restore a prior version of a page or post.

    1. In your Dashboard view, on the upper right corner, under the “Howdy [name]” is a tab labeled “Screen Options.” Open this tab.

    2. Make sure there is a checkmark next to “Recent Drafts.” Then close the tab.

    3. On the left toolbar, click on either “Pages” or “Posts” depending on what type of document are you are trying to restore.

    4. Find the one you want to restore. Hover the cursor over the name and click on EDIT.

    5. Scroll down the screen, below the box that the current post/page text is in You’ll now see the list of Revisions with dates.

    6. CLick on any of the revision dates to get a complete listing of revisions. Also, you’ll find a button allowing you to compare revisions you select.

    7. When you’ve decided which version you want (that is, the revision date of the version you want to restore), then on the right hand side on that row you can click on the word “RESTORE” to replace your current post/draft with that particular version.

    PS: Timethief: If you could ask WordPress to post instructions like this at
    page revisions >
    post revisions >

    it would really save us a lot of time.




    I’m sure they will update the support documentation as that’s the pattern. :)

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