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How do you add a whos among us widget thingy to our blog


  2. @joey453
    I'll tell you how and I want you to do something in return. Please stop typing in capital letters. In the cyberworld it's called SHOUTING! and it's rude.

    You will need to go to the website and get the code. Then you will place it in a text widget and it will display.

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="web stats" width="81" height="29" border="0" /></a>

    -> Presentation -> Widgets
    create a text widget, drag it out of the Available Widgets box and drop it into the Sidebar box
    click on the blue and white icon on the text widget and it will open
    paste the code into the text widget and click the X on the right hand corner to close it
    click "Save Changes"

  3. it wont work!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @joey453
    Don't answer questions when you do not know the answer. As Timethief says right above you, it is possible to have whos amung us here, just not with their widget.

  5. idk what u mean? wut is u talkin about???????? :(

  6. Did you read timethief's comment? You can do it.

  7. By putting misleading or wrong answers on the forum, you will mislead others that come to this thread later looking for a correct answer. Your comment was misleading.

  8. ive tried that a million times! it wont work it only shows the code

  9. what comment did i answer wrong?????

  10. By saying it won't work, you are saying there is no way to have whos amung us on blogs, and that is wrong. Read timethief's reply. It is possible.

  11. I DID!!!!!!!! how many times do i have to tell u????!!!!!!!! Im getting frustrated

  12. (1) Go here
    (2) Get the code (see above)
    (3) Go here in your blog -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Widgets
    (4) Scroll way down the page until you find
    Text Widgets
    How many text widgets would you like?
    (5) Increase the number of text widgets by one and click "Save".
    (6) Scroll up again and after the page refreshes you will see another text widget in your "Available widgets" box.
    (7) Put your mouse on the text widget and drag it into the "Sidebar" box.
    (8) Click on the blue and white icon on the text widget so it opens.
    (9) Do not put anything into the title space.
    (10) In the larger space below paste in the code you got.
    (11) Now click the X on the top right corner of the text widget.
    (12) Click "Save Changes"

    Step by step - you can do it!

  13. Perfectly clear instructions, thank you! I've just added this to my blog.

  14. You're welcome. :-)

  15. Thank you Timetheif! The code worked for me!

  16. YAY! Good news. Have a Merry Christmas.

  17. I put that thingy on my sidebar, but unless you have a blog with thousands of hits per day, it's kinda lame to see the number one (for yourself) all the time.

    Nevertheless I admire the patience of those who help out on this board in the face of such rudeness.

  18. @lettershometoyou: Well, it needn't be thousand visits per day. If you have around 300-500 hits per day like I do, chance is that you'll be able to see the numbers 4-6 many times. But as you said, the more the hits you get, the more logical it is to put this thing in your sidebar.

  19. I guess for some it's useful, but I find it's just clutter.

  20. @lettershometoyou
    Like you I believe that this widget is just novelty sidebar "tat" too but many people want this kind of tracking in their blogs and find it useful. Remarkably I've seen blogs that have this whosamungus widget, plus a sitemeter and a shinystats meter and/or a stats counter as well. Add those to the stats that we already get from and we still have those who want more detail.

  21. Can't see the forest for the trees.

  22. Woo! Hoo! an another used Text Widget

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