how do you add an RSS feed?

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    Is there a way to simply add a link that will allow people to subscribe to your blog? This seems trivial on other blog sites, but I can’t find a way to do this on WordPress.

    Using the RSS widget doesn’t seem right, because it lists your posts individually as links. I just want a single RSS link (preferably an RSS button) that people can use.

    So far I’ve just added a Text widget to my sidebar and placed a “Subscribe” link as the contents, but this is obviously not an ideal way to do it.




    WordPress already comes with it.

    Go to your Dashboard > Presentation > Sidebar Widgets

    And then scroll down until you see:



    @johnjsal – Are u referring to providing ur own blog’s RSS feed ? If that is what u were referring to , then I noticed that u already have a link to ur feed on ur sidebar.

    If you were referring to something like one here [refer to ‘Subscribe to my feed’ on the side bar] then u need to use a service like feedburner

    May be i am missing the point, were u looking for something else ?

    – Sathya



    Yeah, but like I said, using this RSS widget is not what I want. All I want is a single RSS image that you can click on or drag to your aggregator and subscribe to the blog.

    What this widget does is list your posts and I don’t want that. I want just one thing, not a specific post listing.



    This sounds like you have an idea you want to bring to the attention of staff. They do read the forum threads so it’s up to you if you’re okay with that or would prefer sending in a feedback.



    Add a link using a text widget.

    < a href=”the feed url”><img src=”the icon url”>



    Yes, I’ve used a Text widget to create the effect I want, but it seems like a hackish way to do it. It also doesn’t look very good, because it’s inside of a sidebar box like everything else, and looks like it’s missing information (such as a title). I know I can add a title, but there’s no point.

    All I want is a way to link to a feed of my blog that looks more “official” than a Text widget hack.



    I believe that the only ways available to you to display an rss link have been clarified so from here on out the best bet is to leave this as a suggestion to sysadmin to consider regarding future changes that would affect us all.



    The RSS widget is for feeds coming from elsewhere that you want displayed on your site.

    IIRC, the Meta widget contains RSS links. Some themes also display them in their footers but yours doesn’t.



    Thanks guys. I think I’ll settle for the Meta widget for now.



    Here’s what I did: I went to and opened an account. They give you a link into which you can put a link to an image.

    Here’s my site

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