How do you add brief description to your blog?

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    I have 2 small issues. One is that the template I’ve chosen has a link that says Front Page at the top. I would like to change it to say HOME but I can’t see how to do that.

    Also I have uploaded an avatar but there doesn’t seem to be any way to show it live on the site.

    Also (sorry, 3 things), how can I have a little section permanently at the top with a little description of the site and a bit about me – is this possible?



    It’s certainly possible—see for an example. Which template are you using? That might be helpful.

    Generally speaking, go to Dashboard, and click “Presentation” (where you selected your theme), and click “Sidebar Widgets”. You can then add appropriate Widgets to your sidebar. The first widget in my sidebar is a text widget, into which I put my photo and description.



    1 – Afraid not. If you were allowed to change it, since this is a shared environment, you would be changing it for everybody who used that theme.

    2 – It’s just an image. Use a img tag to display it.

    3 – Agree with LG. Use a text widget in your sidebar and fill it in with the necessary information.

    Hope this helps,



    Leisure Guy and DrMike – thankyou very much for the responses. I will try that widget thingy. Much appreciated.

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