How do you add google adsense?

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    Then you are in the wrong forum. Try reading this heading over to the proper place.


    Adsense? Oh no, not again!

    (Hope at least this time we won’t see more of the variety that boasts of an expertise he doesn’t have, won’t take note of FAQs, Stickies or posts, can’t tell when someone is not talking seriously or why she resorts to irony – and has the nerve to spout unjustified insults against raincoaster of all people…)



    hehehe. You can’t put any script on your, any script, hehehe



    Does changing your domain from to a new domain that you own allow you any benefits in terms of being able to add custom blog skins, advertise, or do anything like this?



    No. It changes your domain. Period. Moving your blog off does offer those options.

    The CSS upgrade allows you to tinker with the look of your blog if you know what you’re doing. upgrades are very specific and allow you to change only exactly what they say you will be able to change. The only upgrade that allows infinite variation is the VIP upgrade.



    pls i need to know whether adsense can work on wordpress?pls contact me on
    (email redacted)



    Did you read the first answer above?



    Here’s how you add Google Adsense in three easy steps:

    1. Do not get a free blog
    2. Do get a Blogger blog; or download the software and start your own self-hosted blog.
    3. Apply Adsense to the blog.



    ..or just print out a few and stick them over the screen…think of it, wallpaper your house with them…



    I would like for my blog to have an ad or two when it gets established a bit, but DEFINATELY not so many that I look cheap and desperate. However upon joining today, I saw that ads aren’t allowed, which is alright with me, as I see this site is beautiful with no ads on it. I wouldn’t want to litter up such a rare thing. money-free AND ad-free. As for you people who just don’t get it. This site will not now, or probably EVER have ads, wether you pay for them or not. I’m here 3 hours and I already understand this. It’s time to let go,and if you want ads so badly go somewhere that has them.



    It is not ad-free. But you don’t see them while logged in. And you can’t make money off them.

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