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How do you add google adsense?

  1. chaoticconformity

    I haven't tried this yet, but I've heard people have problems with it. Does wordpress allow google adsense? Do I need a special widget? Please help.

  2. Quoting vivianpaige: "Goodness! Did you look at the forum before you posted this?"

    Look here.

  3. chaoticconformity

    Thanks singularcontiguity. I looked at the post and someone said:

    "You can if you are self hosted via WordPress.Org.

    WordPress.Com clients are not permitted to solicit ads through Google or other conventional means."

    Does this mean the $10 thing where you pay wordpress to host your site at your domain name? If so great! That's what I have.

  4. pornstarbabylon

    If you're still at, your own domain name still won't allow ads. Here is the faq on ads There is VIP hosting but only if you are accepted and can afford it The other day I read here on the forum that we can have Amazon ads but only if our blog has original content and not a splogger. And you can sell things on your blog if you lets say wrote a book or made the product yourself. But best bet is to contact support and ask.

  5. Unfortunately, no, that doesn't get you to a point where you can do advertising. That just gets you a domain name that doesn't contain "wordpress" - which means that you can move your blog later if you choose without having to change your domain name.

    The only way I'm aware of to do advertising here is to join their VIP program. The only other way to do advertising is to have your site hosted somewhere other than, and install the WordPress software that you can get for free from

  6. No, that's not what it means. YOu are not paying wordpress to host your site. You are only paying wordpress to allow you to use your own domain. As the FAQ states:

    Mapped blogs are still subject to our Terms of Service<a/>.

    Further, the FAQ is quite clear on ads:

    Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika, TextLinkAds and other ads are not permitted to be added by users....In addition to AdSense type ads, please do not use the following services on your blog: sponsored / paid posts including PayPerPost, ReviewMe and Smorty; affiliate / referral links to the following domains: usercash, clickbank, clickhop, cashrocks, payingcash; clicktrackers and any promotion of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising.

    I don't think it can be made any clearer that the answer is NO.

  7. Why do we have to pay for third party hosting or the VIP hosting for ads? Why don't wordpress start their own adsense eqivilent if they want the funding so bad?

  8. Maybe because they're already getting revenue from adsense?

  9. And of course, anyone who really wants adsense that badly can give up their free hosting. And hire a host.

  10. The cost of hosting and the LaTeX support would be why I picked Of course, I'm not blogging because I think I'm going to make money at it. :-)

  11. And that's because you weren't born yesterday! :)

  12. As someone who makes the bulk of her living blogging, I can say you sure got that right!

    I don't run Adsense on ANY of my blogs, nor would I. It immediately stamps you as low-rent, and it just doesn't pay well enough to make up for how ugly it is.

  13. so what network would you suggest

  14. Nothing for a blog. As for what ad networks I'd suggest for a for-profit ad, my consulting rate for this type of thing is $125 per hour. We can arrange something if you leave a comment on my blog.

  15. how to add adsense to my wordpress blog.

  16. hello everybody! :)

  17. I just posted one ad on as a test run but can't seem to pull it off again...kind of confusing.

  18. If you post ads on your blog, your blog can be suspended or deleted without warning. I mean, I don't really care, it's not my blog, but I'm telling you.

  19. I don't figure that applies to me as I have my own server...

  20. Then you are in the wrong forum. Try reading this heading over to the proper place.

  21. Adsense? Oh no, not again!

    (Hope at least this time we won't see more of the variety that boasts of an expertise he doesn't have, won't take note of FAQs, Stickies or posts, can't tell when someone is not talking seriously or why she resorts to irony - and has the nerve to spout unjustified insults against raincoaster of all people...)

  22. hehehe. You can't put any script on your, any script, hehehe

  23. Does changing your domain from to a new domain that you own allow you any benefits in terms of being able to add custom blog skins, advertise, or do anything like this?

  24. No. It changes your domain. Period. Moving your blog off does offer those options.

    The CSS upgrade allows you to tinker with the look of your blog if you know what you're doing. upgrades are very specific and allow you to change only exactly what they say you will be able to change. The only upgrade that allows infinite variation is the VIP upgrade.

  25. pls i need to know whether adsense can work on wordpress?pls contact me on
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  26. Did you read the first answer above?

  27. Here's how you add Google Adsense in three easy steps:

    1. Do not get a free blog
    2. Do get a Blogger blog; or download the software and start your own self-hosted blog.
    3. Apply Adsense to the blog.

  28. ..or just print out a few and stick them over the screen...think of it, wallpaper your house with them...

  29. I would like for my blog to have an ad or two when it gets established a bit, but DEFINATELY not so many that I look cheap and desperate. However upon joining today, I saw that ads aren't allowed, which is alright with me, as I see this site is beautiful with no ads on it. I wouldn't want to litter up such a rare thing. money-free AND ad-free. As for you people who just don't get it. This site will not now, or probably EVER have ads, wether you pay for them or not. I'm here 3 hours and I already understand this. It's time to let go,and if you want ads so badly go somewhere that has them.

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