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How do you add html codes?

  1. How do you add html codes to your blog? Be specific please and thank you! :0))

  2. When you go to the Write page, at the top of the Write box are two tabs: one says Visual and one says Code. If you click on the Code one you'll get taken to the HTML editor, which is where you can insert any code you want in a post.

    If you want code in your sidebar, you have to use a text widget under Presentation--> sidebar widgets and you have to be using a theme that allows widgets.

    What code did you want to add? Javascript and forms and some other kinds of code are stripped out for security reasons, as you can read in the FAQ.

  3. I'm new to WordPress. I'm trying to add some code from

    <p><b><color #ff3366=>Click the picture to search for pets in your own zip code. Search by breed, zip code, age, gender, etc.</color></b></p>
    <script src=""></script>
  4. thistimethisspace

  5. If you look carefully at the code you posted you will see the word "script". Although javascript is very useful it can also be used in malicious ways. Here at 900,000 bloggers are all working on a shared multi-user blogging platform and that means that if blogger initiated javascripts could be used we could experience breaches of security.

    Blogs are served from {name} The WordPress cookie is delivered to any site that ends in Any Javascript on the page is legitimately allowed to look up cookies that would be sent to the domain it’s served from.

    This means that if you can run Javascript on a hosted WordPress page, you can retrieve the login cookie from another WordPress user, and then pass it to an external site. This is why Livejournal, WordPress, and most other hosted sites disallow Javascript on their pages.

  6. 100percentkelly

    Hi, I'm trying to insert an html code in a blog entry but I'm confused on why the picture/logo doesn't come out. What do I have to do?

    Here it is:

    <a href="" style="color: #D64B32; text-decoration: none; display: block; width: 286px; height: 128px; padding-top: 50px; padding-left: 17px; background: url( no-repeat; font-family: Times New Roman, sans-serif; font-size: 30px;">52%<span style="display: none;">How Addicted to Blogging Are You?</span></a><p><small>Mingle<sup>2</sup> - <a href="" style="color: #ccc;">Dating Site</a></small></p>

  7. The url to the image needs single quote marks around it. And I wonder if there really should be a forward slash between addiction and badge?

  8. 100percentkelly

    Hi atthe404,

    I already put the single quote marks around the code, but nothing happened. Am i doing something wrong?


  9. 100percentkelly

    Additional info: I could see the image on the visual rich editor when I paste the badge html code, but when I preview the post, the image does not come out. Also, I noticed that when I save the post, the code becomes different?

  10. You need to post the code into the Code editor. Are you doing that? Just click the tabs on the top of the Write box.

  11. 100percentkelly

    Yup. I posted the code into the code editor

  12. AAAAhh haaaaa. Is it that padding? Try it without as a test?
    Plus we can not be 100% sure that your code is preciselywhat you have.
    eg is there a space between url and the bracket? There shouldnt be.
    Its going to be something minor and silly. Just need to work thru the possibilities.
    Plus that display:none in the span looks fishy to me. If it is display none it may not show the background either. Just an idea.

  13. custom style attributes of the Anchor element are getting stripped off by WP filters.

    the code you've posted won't work on .com, it has to be redone .

    see 'Image Links' section at:

  14. 100percentkelly

    this is so technical to me. i can't understand :( i can't redo it coz i dont know how lol

  15. Then the easiest thing to do is drop it. Use OK Cupid quizzes, Blogthings, or Quizilla. They work on

  16. 100percentkelly

    yeah. just did

  17. I can't insert html code about my custom cursor.

    Widgets>Text 1 is not work

  18. You cannot make a custom cursor in your blog. Please read the other thread you started on the same issue.

    You don't use widgets to change the basic functionality or appearance of the blog. They're just add-ons in the sidebar.

  19. O.O

  20. Can I insert my custom playlist? dosen't have Avril Lavigne's song
    Or Widgets> file sharing

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