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How do you add new widgets?!

  1. Hey

    How do you guys add new widgets, besides the ones you get as "available"?
    I have a blog on and I'd like to add some widgets, but the only way I read it to be done is to upload via FTP the files you need, but that doesn't work (or I don't know how) on So, is there a way to add widget to the 'available list'.

    Thanks a lot,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no FTP access to wordpress.COM blog. There are also restrictions with regard to widgets with flash, code and javascript and embeds.
    Here us the support documentation link for adding allowed widgets

  3. Please also read these two entries so you are clear about the differences between free hosted wordpress.COM blogs like the one you have linked to your username, and free wordpress.ORG software installs which can be self hosted.

  4. I know there's a difference between a free blog on and a blog site based on the wordpress technology, because I have one of each. But, my question was, what's the solution.

    Are you telling me there's no way to add widgets that are not on that list to a free blog hosted on

  5. Widgets using clean HTML, no Javascript, no Flash, no iFrame etc. can be added using a text widget. That said, there aren't many such widgets.

  6. @onlinejesus

    Are you telling me there's no way to add widgets that are not on that list to a free blog hosted on

    Husdal and I have given you the correct answer and the relevant link is the first one I posted above.

    The only widgets we can use are those that are straight up HTML. If you can find others that do not contain embeds, Iframes, javascript or flash you can use them. However, if you were specific about exactly which widgets you want and what you want to accomplish we may be able to come up with a workaround.

  7. Also note that if you do know of widgets that do not create security issues (no flash, no embeds, no javascript - clean HTML only) you can suggest them to Staff here

  8. I have read the discussion above, the links mentioned and

    I don't quite understand whether following the above instructions flash can be embedded after all. What I have been trying to embed is a presentation from


  9. When you embed it does the code get stripped out?

  10. That's right. I'm trying to embed it in a post.

  11. No; it means that flash cannot be embedded in our blogs at all. What you CAN do is post it to a supported platform, like YouTube or Slideshare etc, and then use the shortcodes to embed it here at It's also possible you could do it using the Vodpod button, which is available at and works very well to embed videos in our blog.

    But if those don't work, then you're out of luck. Because of the security concerns of shared-backbone blogs, is not a suitable host for sites that want to use a lot of flash. On independently hosted WOrdpress blogs, this is not a problem.

  12. Thank you very much, raincoaster and timethief. I had understood that originally but the "posting source" part set me wondering.

  13. Happy blogging :)

  14. Enjoy blogging:>

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