How do you add top navigation tabs in Misty Look?

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    Hello! I’m trying to understand how to add top navigation tabs to the Misty Look theme. Looks like others asked this on the forum about two years ago, which included instructions, but it appears that the user interface has changed since that time and the instructions are no longer accurate.

    Would be very grateful for any assistance. :)

    The blog I need help with is


    What is shown by default in the top navigation are static pages such as an about page. MistyLook supports the new custom menus, so you now have a lot more flexibility. See this support document for what you can now do with menus.



    Go to Appearance > Menus from your dashboard and create a custom menu. You can then pick which pages and categories and even external links you want to appear in your main navigation section. Remember to select the menu you just created as your primary navigation and click to save. You can even have certain links drop-down from a parent link when someone hovers their mouse above it.



    Great info! Thanks very much! Will give it a shot.

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