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how do you advertise your blog?

  1. I have a biiig question because it's my first time posting and I wan to know how do you guys make your blogs known. I mean besides putting links to your messenger status and emailing friends. thanks

  2. dear cookiecracker....

    u can also try to give your url to wordpress & other forum
    u can try to be at ragister and give peoples ans with pasting your URL

    where ever u write anything write down your URL also...

    this is the mathod to advertise your blog....

    Your New Fr.

    Gr8 Bloggerr.. with

  3. Hım, how?..

  4. 1. Read the sticky thread at the top of the forum '8 things to know before posting'.
    2. Follow the instructions there about linking your username to your blog.
    3. Go to the off-topic forum and read all the threads there about advertising your blog.

  5. @bloggerrkumar, generally in this forum we use real words and punctuation. It makes it much easier for everyone to follow the conversation, especially those that are new to blogging. You could also consider linking your username to your blog.

  6. Dear Cookiecracker,

    I haven't reviewed the off-topic forum suggestions for a while, so I hope I won't repeat anything there, at least too much. You have to get the google crawler to see your blog. I don't think that is the right term, which I've forgotten because I did it right a couple of months ago, and can forget it now. I can't think of what it's called now, maybe someone will help us out so Cookie can search the forums for it. Then, I make use of something WordPress does related to your tags (and also your content independent of the tags it seems, but I don't know how). What happens every now and then is wordpress will put your blog together with a whole list of other blogs posting on the same topic. I've appeared in lists of "economic" blogs, culture ones, faith-based ones, and so forth. So I go to each one of those blogs and comment on something that a post of mine discussed also, and I invite them to come read another take on it. Now I often go to those blogs, too--I'm interested in their posts because we are following similar things. It makes a little community. I think your tags must get picked up by more crawlers than google--there's something called technorati that a commenter on one of my posts cited as the source of his hit, and since I never went there, I guess they must be searching for tags. So be sure to tag well.

    Have fun with it! I've watched my blog grow, not a lot to be sure, but perhaps more than I would be read in hard print sources over-all (I'm the lead story in Cup of Comfort for Divorced Women, just out with Adams Press, so I guess I can see the sales and compare, although sales to libraries would mess up my unscientific comparison stats!). I don't know what your purpose for blogging is, but mine is simply to influence my world, and The White Lily Blog gives me this (false) sense of control or power--all writing does this, for me-- and satifies me. It's the feeling, you got it said, you gave it enunciation, some idea or other that interested you. And plus you can decorate your blog, learn some code, make it a pretty room for people, or a disturbing one, or an exciting one. More power there than hard print.

    Happy blogging!


  7. Cookie, Blogger, and Gigglezone,

    What Roseclark is telling you is see how her name and mine is blue, and yours is black? When you click on ours, you can get to our blogs. Follow her suggestion and get yours 'hot,' too, and then when you answer a question on a forum, or ask one, too, people can also visit your blog. Another way to build your blog!


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