How do you backup all your Blog files?

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    Thanks for reading and thanks for helping me if you can :) I’m new to blogging but from the advice of friends who do…all of them recommend to backup your files. So, I’m reading all about backing up and I’m getting more and more confused. There are tons of plugins and software you can purchase, but at the same time I found out since I’m on that I cannot access the plugin directiory? My blog currently is very small, but I would feel that backing it up on my own computer files / DvD would make me feel a little better. Any recommendation on how to do that? I am also talking about ALL of the files the database, the pictures, the plugins, themes…everything! Please help! Thanks so much for your time and attention in this matter.

    The blog I need help with is



    In your admin Dashboard, hover over the “Tools” menu and select “Export” in the popup submenu. Select “All content” and click “Download Export File”. The file will be named with today’s date so you can repeat this each day if you like.



    in darboard, tools and select export… chose what u want.


    Thanks all :) nice tips … appreciate it!



    Export does not back up pictures – it has links to the pictures – Export also does not backup your theme and Widgets.

    You can copy much of the Widget info into a text file one widget at a time.



    Auxclass, when you then import to another blog, how do the pictures get there? Does the import process import via the links in the export file?



    yes – the links are used to get the pictures and other media that is in Pages and Posts – during the Export / Import process one of the options is something like “transfer media / pictures” – that option needs to be selected.



    PS – the export file is a specially formatted text file – the file ca be read by any text editor such as Notepad.

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