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How do you bring "Posted by" to the top of a post

  1. The title pretty much says it all, how do i bring the posted by line to the top of a post on my blog. It is, I imagine the only way is through custom css

  2. you can't thats just the way the theme is, so switch themes or deal with it. And, I have been trying forever to do this with CSS and haven't been able to do it.

  3. Well that sucks, thanks for telling me

  4. I'm sorry but that the way the theme designer designed the theme. We cannot edit templates

  5. As aw1923 states, it comes with the theme (or not) so there is no way get it appeared unless choosing the right theme.

  6. lol ... we appear to have a convention of cooks in the kitchen :D

  7. Some of the themes do it. I am using Tarski with has the author information up the top, just after the categories.
    Custom CSS would do it.

  8. Hmmm ... I asked because aw1923 said above: "And, I have been trying forever to do this with CSS and haven't been able to do it."

  9. With the theme you're using (and the CSS upgrade), it'd be possible by using pseudo classes; however, IE users won't see it.

    Something like this would work:

    #page small:before{
    content: "Posted by: [Your Name Here] - ";

    Not a perfect solution, but possible close enough to what you want.

  10. darn! slow much... again??

  11. @devblog
    slow? you never ... :P

  12. cool, but do you know how to do that on my theme when there's more then one author?

  13. The "beauty" of Sandbox is that it allows to style almost anything. I say almost because I wish there was a way to style every part of the date individually...

    Anyway, try adding this at the bottom of your CSS, see what happens. If it works for you, making it look the way you want, then I'd suggest you to modify the selectors respectively (just to keep your code more organized)

    .entry-content {float: left; margin: 40px auto 0 !important;}
    .entry-meta .entry-author {float: left; margin: 15px 0 0 -380px;}

    Of course, if this is what you want, you'd need to tweak it more to your liking.

    TT, just a bit slow today :)

  14. Sensico,

    Hold on, I need to chekc something else.

  15. I got it, I added

    '.home .entry-content {float: left; margin: 40px auto 0 !important;}

    .home .entry-meta .entry-author {float: left; margin: 1px 0 0 -300px; background: none;}'

    without adding the ".home" the meta section was screwed up when you click on the actual post

  16. and, if you were here I'd hug you :) Thanks

  17. scratch that. First, I'm assuming you want the "written by" at the top on your home page only, so no need for it to appear on the single post's page.

    Don't modify your selectors. Just add this to your CSS:

    .home .entry-content {float: left; margin: 40px auto 0 !important;}
    .home .entry-meta {background: transparent;}
    .home .entry-meta .entry-author {float: left; margin: 15px 0 0 -380px;}

    That should affect your front page only. HTH

  18. man, I'm friggin' slow today.

    yes! you got it.

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