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How do you bump a post?

  1. I have a post which I would like to remain on the front page of my site since it contains the donation information for my friends arthritis walk. How do I bump it periodically without having to retype it?

  2. You could edit the Timestamp of the post.
    That could get tedious.

    Why not write it as a Page?
    Then create an empty page called 'Posts'
    In Options > Reading you can set the pages as you need.

  3. Thanks Mark. I'm actually trying to avoid creating it as a stand alone page, since there might be other posts down the road which I would also like to bump from time to time.

  4. What you want (I think) is the ability to make a post "sticky" so it's always "on top". This has also been requested by about a half dozen other people as well.
    I think it would be a great feature myself and hope that it does come to be. :)

  5. Yeah a sticky would be a good idea TT

    I am all for that :)


  6. Send in a feedback with this request. Staff has mentioned that they keep track of these.


  7. @drmike
    Hi there,
    I just looked at the dashboard on my blogs and found that the feedback button has "disappeared". :(

  8. It's there on mine. Still showing the holiday message though when you click on it. They might be changing it back over currently.

  9. Sorry drmike [she said with a red-faced] I said that very stupidly ... haven't been well ... confused I guess. Yes, my feedback button is gone. Yes my support tab says the same: Even support mavens need holidays sometimes. Check back later to try again. :(

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