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How do you combat writers block?

  1. Or...I guess I should call it bloggers block?

    Anyway. My blog is newbie-ish still and I'm trying to blog weekly. That really doesn't seem like enough fresh content so I'm going to kick it up a bit.

    Great, super. Now I've been staring at a blank screen for an hour.

    Does this happen to you or do you just write when properly inspired? I you blog when properly inspired? (Eventually I'm going to get this right.)

    So. Bloggers block, do you get it and how do you shake free from its grasp?

    Thanks for any input!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Blog more. After six years of multiple daily posts, I basically never have writer's block.

    PS I'll flag this so mods move it to Off-Topic, as it's not a technical question.

  3. Interesting. I've been all over your blog, like white on rice, and have determined you are totally genius. I'll definitely take your advice to heart. Blog more, blog more. Maybe some of your magic will rub off on me.

    ps. Eeps, sorry. I went by the description..."share experiences and help each other". Doesn't seem technical-exclusive but, yea, kindly move me where I need to go!

  4. You can also use writing prompts

    I don't suffer from writer's block frequently if at all. If it threatens to come on then I get outside and do something physical before returning to the keyboard.
    Here are 11 ideas for Blogging Through Writer’s Block >
    Here are 10 more ideas > Blog It! Writing Ideas Checklist

  5. My own personal rule of thumb; it works for me: Write when I want to, not when I just feel like I have to.

  6. I stare at the screen and try to force the words out. When that doesn't work, I really get angry and really stare at the screen and try forcing. That usually doesn't work, either, so then I take a hot shower and go for a walk with my dog. If that doesn't work, I'll let the piece sit for a day, a week, a year. If nothing comes up, I sit and sulk and get mad at myself for not producing. And then, at some point, I'll see that what I'm writing about is what I need to fix --something deep within myself. And I realize then that I'm a charlatan, trying to write about it when I don't even possess it. At that point, I pray and I start to surrender. In time, usually weeks or months, the damn thing starts to surface.

  7. I'll sip coffee and read or I'll go out and explore the world.

  8. Coffee is a given.

    The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Just when I think I'm running dry and totally stressed out, I'll have an amazing burst of creativity and do 12 posts in a day (not all on the same blog). It's funny. But if you blog or write daily, you rarely have a problem turning on the tap.

    ANY activity takes 26 days of repetition to become a habit. That means daily. Maybe commit to a Post A Day for a month, registering a private blog if you don't want first drafts going up on your main blog. After that, blogging will be a reflex.

  9. necrotichijinks


  10. If you haven't come up with things even after hours of staring at the screen, may be its time to keep it under the 'Will-get-back-to-you' folder and start working on something new. I always have about 4 documents in that folder.

  11. I am finding it easier to combat writers block. If I have a moment that I can't come up with something I usually draw some inspiration from or one of many writing clubs.

  12. @Raincoaster Love it, thank you! I'm going to do a blog a day on a crappy, unpublished blog and see if I can get the habit to stick.

    @sayali611 No doubt a folder like that would fill up quickly. I'm seeing a lot of blank screens lately.

    @marcialoyd I'm only vaguely aware of Going to check out now, thanks for the suggestion!

  13. I'm new too and find it hard to think of things to post but I find the odd glass or two of wine and hug get's me going :)

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