How do you create a slide show

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    In the last two years I have been creating slide shows and it was very simple and easy. Now you have some sort of complicated procedure that has made it virtually impossible for me to do what I did so easily for the last two years. i cannot even find “Gallery Settings to select slide show. This is a mess! Can you provide me with some simple steps to create the slideshow??
    Even creating the Gallery requires more steps and is more complicated. May I ask why WordPress made this change in procedure?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    If you’ve created the Gallery already then you are almost all the way to your slideshow. Click on your gallery in the post/page and click the edit button. Over in the right-hand column of the screen you’ll see the gallery settings panel where you can change the type from ‘default’ to ‘slideshow’.

    If you haven’t inserted the gallery yet, the gallery settings panel will open automatically after you click the button to “create new gallery”.

    You can find the full list of steps to insert a new, and edit an old, gallery at

    Does that answer your question? Is there a specific gallery you are having trouble with that you want me to look at?


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