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How do you create pages with just short excerpts of posts

  1. Excerpts that vsitors can click on to get the full story? Thanks in advance.

  2. On your editing page look for the Excerpt module. If you've hidden it, go to "Screen Options" on the upper right of your screen. Write your except as you like, add pictures in the html mode.

    These excerpts are likely only visible as archives pages or category pages. A few themes do support them, but Misty Look is not one (I think).

    Or are you asking about "read more" for each post?

  3. Hi Pana, Stereo. >^.^<

  4. Hi Tess. I don't think the "excerpt" is what jlarkin is looking for, but I'll post the following here for future reference:

  5. The "excerpt" function is an independent summary of a post (can also be an image), as opposed to the actual beginning of a post that you get with the "more" tag.

    When you view posts in the main posts page, it only works with:

    Flower Power
    Supposedly Clean
    Sweet Blossoms

    When you view posts in a category or archive page, it also works with:

    Day Dream
    Digg 3
    Misty Look
    Sandbox 10
    Vermillon Christmas

  6. Thank you both for the help- I think I've figured it out now

  7. Pana,
    Thanks. I've marked it for future reference.

  8. @jlarkin: You've figured it out, but you created the usual sidebar-at-the-bottom side effect. As I said, pay great attention to the note on formatting issues. The more tag needs to be alone: don't throw it in the middle of a paragraph or within the limits of any formatting tag (italics or whatever).

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