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How do you cure your writer's block?

  1. I sometimes get stuck when I'm writing a blog post. I usually cure this by leaving the post as a draft for another day, when I can look at it from a new perspective and continue. This usually works, but I can't say it's a foolproof method.

    What do you do to cure your writer's block?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do some free writing, by which I mean just start writing whatever comes into your head, anything as long as you are writing. Just like an athlete who has to *warm up* before performing so should writers. It usually gets the creative juices flowing and you'll soon find that the ideas start to flow again.

    Failing that, listen to inspirational music or read some favourite poetry. Or go for a walk to clear out the mental cobwebs.

    Or just take a break from writing for a day or two, but always carry a note book with you. You'll be surprised at what can trigger those ideas.

    Good luck.

  3. My view is that your first thought is your best one, so leaving a post for the next day is not a good idea.

  4. I am with Jessie, just write. The end result is often not at all like it started, but I find the words flow once I get going.

    I also agree with hnsaifi. If the above doesn't work on your first idea, maybe it isn't the right topic at all and leaving it another day will not make it the right topic.

    BUT different techniques work for different people.

  5. Thanks so much for your advice everyone. You're right, I should just keep writing when I feel I have a good idea. I'll do that from now on :)

  6. Only write when you can think of something worthwhile. You don't have to post every day.

  7. Writers block is often solved by speaking with others. I find listening to my husband and children often provides me the inspiration to write about something I've found interesting.

  8. You could try the tips I link to below. Whenever you encounter writer's block you can get caught up in a cycle of self-foubt and lose courage. IMO that is the worst thing you can do. Remember that this is not the end of the world, but a trivial problem for just a brief period of time. I think the best advice it to get up and go outside for awhile. When you return start writing anything - it doesn't matter what - just start writing.

  9. Plagiarize

  10. Lol @ pete

  11. I either go do something else or I sleep on it. Sometimes both. Sometimes a shower helps. I also agree with hnsaifi ... when it hits you, engage with the moment and write something and safe the draft if you can't yet finish it. Or carry the app around on your smartphone or tablet so you can act when the insiration happens (if you have one of those).

  12. @motre Oh! I completely forgot there was a WordPress app! That'll come in handy for sure. It'll be especially convenient at times I don't have a pen and paper available.

    Thanks everyone for the help everyone! I've definitely learned a lot.

  13. I'm never without a notebook and a pen. Blog fodder is everywhere ;)

  14. Check out Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brand... it's a great inspiration when it comes to nurturing a writer's environment... Perhaps it can help with writer's block - I've lost my copy... damn my messy home!!!

  15. I look back on my own life and stuff done in past, to see how it relates what I've just done/seen/experienced. That gives me some more dimension to write something better...sometimes. :D

    Not sure if that requires a person to reach a certain threshold in years of living! I just don't want to write fluffy, inane posts. If it bores me, then surely it will bore someone else!

    So I don't post that often. I don't ask too much out of some regular readers/subscribers in terms of their time.

  16. invisiblemikey

    I've said it before, but here it is again. I get up from the keyboard and go outside and stop trying to think so hard. There's nothing like getting out of the house for getting out of a "block" which is really only in your head. So simple. If the weather's nasty, I have a cup of tea on the porch.

  17. @timethief Haha, I can definitely see why you would say that. I should really get one. Handwriting does seem to be more... fulfilling than typing into an app.

    @greyroompictures I'm adding that to my to-read list!

    Geez, reading all these posts have really inspired me to get writing! I feel thoroughly cured from any future encounters with the writer's-block virus ;D But I guess I won't know for sure until I've written more blog posts.

  18. Stop thinking about yourself. You don't need to starve and find a reason for keeping yourself clean.

  19. Have you gone through this? Plinky: A Tool for Writer’s Block

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