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How do you customize the AddThis button in a text widget

  1. I'm trying to customize an AddThis button for a text widget for my blog. The website states this is possible and gives instructions, however, I can't seem to figure out how to get it to work. <---- this is the link that will show the option I want. It mentions adding CSS and HTML, but I'm not sure where and how. Yes, I have the CSS upgrade Any help would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't use them, they require you adding javascript which is not possible with You can however use the one specifically for It will create an image link but you will miss out on the fancy drop down box when you hover your mouse over the items.


  3. I was afraid of that. No biggie - I'll just use the default one. It's so small though! :) Thanks for your help!

  4. You could always create your own image to replace it, I think that would still work. Just upload it to wordpress, find the image link and use it in the code where it says "src=". You'll want to change the height and width attributes appropriately too. The only thing you can't do is fancy dropdowns.


  5. I have tested the Addthis button for as given by Addthis again and again and it does not save a blog post properly.

    But it is possible to have a properly working Addthis in a blog by using a different code:

    How to use the Addthis button PROPERLY in the side bar of a blog

    How to add Addthis in a blog post in ONE click

  6. I ended up using 'addtoany', and added the html code to a text widget, but didn't give the text widget a title. This way it appears like it floats at the very top of my sidebar. I liked the look of this compared to 'addthis', plus it's bigger and easier to read. (In my opinion)

    @sanjidas I did see this blog post, thank you. It was helpful, but again, I liked the look and feel of 'addtoany' better. I realize I may not be able to have the analytics, but that wasn't a necessity for me. Thanks for your help!

  7. @imaprile,

    You are most welcome and I am glad you are happy with your decision. :)

    Addtoany has a really cool "email a friend" option that lets the sharer choose email addresses from her/his Address book.

  8. @lilmaouz I did this already, but again the icon it provides is too small for my taste and it won't allow script to customize, as addthis offers. I'm using addtoany. Thanks anyway!

  9. Oops, I thought you couldn't get it into the sidebar, and make it work (..but the image might be changed). Anyway, the way you did is just great ;-)

  10. @lilmaouz,
    This link suggests a way to put Addthis that does NOT save a blog or blog post properly.
    Read this post to know why...
    WordPress pranks – prank no. 4

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