How do you delete a forum post?

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    I had a letter come across my desk since i’m a professional golfer (athlete) and i decided to post it to see the discussion it would have among fellow sports fans.

    But the post wasn’t set up the right way and i want to delete it.

    How do you delete a forum post?


    The blog I need help with is


    Member blogs cannot have embedded forums. We can only create a forum somewhere online and then link to it. So if you want to delete a forum post this isn’t a issue. That will have to be done wherever the forum site is situated.

    If it proves that you are asking how to delete a forum post to this forum for support issues – you can’t. Only Staff can do so.



    Thanks for the info.
    Yah, i posted it through Forums.
    So i’ll just let it go and not worry about it… Thanks again for the response!!



    You could click on “member” below your username here and locate the thread. Then you could post to it asking a Moderator to delete it as you posted it in error. Perhaps that’s worth a try.

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