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How do you embed HTML into posts?

  1. I'm trying to embed an HTML block of code into a post, but it doesn't seem to be working, is there a way to allow for HTML in posts?

  2. Might help us help you if you showed us what you were trying to add in or told us what wasn't be allowed in.

    Here's the list of allowed tags just for reference.

  3. sorry, I was out, heres the code:

    <!-- include cost of war javascript; this runs the counter -->
    <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>
    <!-- the elements 'row' and 'alt' will be changed by the javascript to contain
    the correct numbers -->
    <div><b>Cost of the War in Iraq</b></div>
    <div id="raw">(JavaScript Error)</div>
    <div>To see more details, click here.</div>
    <!-- this line triggers the counter to start -->
    <script language="JavaScript">

  4. @hanso
    If you read the pnk sticky FAQs' at the head of the forum, or the FAQs bolg or type javascript into the forum search baox you will find that the MU programming strips javascript, styles and frames. These are not allowed for security reasons. Thus JAVASCRIPT code you are embedding is a no go.

  5. Oh, damn. :(

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