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How do you embed links into the Text sidebar widget?

  1. I tried using the generic html tags "[url=http://....]text[/url], but its not working, what am I supposed to do?

  2. You'll have to use HTML...

    <a href="URL HERE">TITLE OF LINK HERE</a>

    More HTML help

  3. The HTML got converted in scrambled's post so it isn't clear how to do it.

    hanso: your problem is that you aren't using HTML, you are trying to use bulletin board mark up code ([url=] is used on Wikis, and forums, but it isn't HTML).

    You need to use the "A HREF" HTML tag to create links.

  4. Sorry about that. I was using the code tag, but it didn't seem to work... How exactly do you show HTML in a post?

  5. Hmm, thanks, ok I've got the links working. However, I have a problem. The text is bigger than all the other sidebar widgets, it looks incongruent and awkward. Whats the font size of the text in the other sidebar widgets, and how do I shrink it?

  6. scrambled: Wish I knew, I thought it would be CODE, but that doesn't seem to do it.

    Testing HTML <a href="helloworld">this should be unlinked text</a>


    Try putting [p][a href=""][/p], I've had that work for me before.

  7. What, for the font? What font number should I use?

  8. No, not for the font number. I was thinking it might be a CSS issue.

    Hanso, could you post the address of the blog you are trying this with?


    The categories section isn't the categories widget, I fashioned it through the text widget, thus it looks bigger than all the others.

  10. You're running to a CSS issue with the theme you are using.

    Try putting an unordered list around the categories [ul][li][/li][/ul]

    This is what it should look like, but with greater-than/less-than instead of square brackets:

    [a href=""]

    [a href=""]
    The Daily Intrigue[/a]

    [a href=""]
    Political Rants[/a]

    [a href=""]

  11. Ok, so all I have to do is copy and paste that into the Text widget and replace all the brackets with "<" and ">"?

  12. Yes.


    What happens is there's this stuff called CSS that redefines how all of the HTML tags look like. So by adding the LI tags you are going to make the HTML code the same as in your Recent Posts box, so they should display the same.

  13. Ahh, just got back from shower, tried it, success! Thanks a LOT man, I really appreciate it. :)

  14. simple solution is
    Whatever you want to be in widget, just type that in your regular post and then click on html tab and get the html code. just copy it and paste it in your text widget...

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