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How do you enable comments on the images of new carousel gallery viewer?

  1. The latest "gallery" carousel viewer is great. I especially like the way you can leave comments on each image.

    When I view the sample given in the recent announcement from WP (, when I down arrow, I can see the box where you can "Write a comment". That's great!

    Sadly, when I view the images in the carousel viewer for my own gallery, that box does not appear. e.g.

    How do I enable comments on the images in the carousel viewer for my gallery?
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  2. I don't have the answer but I'm thinking you will find it in this thread

  3. If you don't find an answer there then you may find it here >

  4. Is there any chance that commenting wasn't enabled on that Page when you uploaded the images to it and only afterwards enabled the comments?

  5. @timethief: Lots of interesting stuff about comments on those two links but nothing that addresses the absence of a comment box on the images in my gallery.

    @justjennifer: Muchos gracias. Yes. You have described the order of things correctly. That is, the original page containing the gallery command was created with no comments permitted and then yesterday, I enabled comments (thinking that this would fix the problem).

  6. Actually, this is addressed in my FAQ that tt linked to, under "Can I edit the Attachment page that opens after clicking on a thumbnail?"

    The short story is it seems that image upload date determines whether commenting will be available in the Photo Carousel or on image Attachment pages. So if you uploaded the images when commenting was turned off on that Page, then commenting will stay off in those places. The solution (unfortunately) is to upload the images again now that commenting is turned on.

  7. @justjennifer: Sorry I saw the reference in your FAQ but I wasn't sure what you meant by an "Attachment" page (I assumed that you were referring to the permalink).

    Now I understand that the comment status on each image is inherited from the comment status of the page or post at the time the image is loaded/associated with it. I'll test that out soonest and let you know if that worked (just gotta dig out the image files).

    What a shame there isn't a simple checkbox to turn comments on/off on each image. Then you could really control it. Just another job for the WP developers beavering away in the back room.

    This new carousel viewer is so much better than the last effort. I agree with many of your comments in the thread TT gave me to look at. Most importantly, the WP team did not learn from the uproar on the last update to the gallery command. Why couldn't they provide a "version=" option to let people opt to continue to use the older version? Oh well! Hopefully they have learned their lesson this time.

  8. Success. I reloaded just one image and "Attached" it to the page (which is currently flagged as "allow comments"). As predicted, the "Write a comment" box is now appearing on that image when viewed in the carousel viewer. Of course, it isn't appearing on any of the other images yet.

    I'll get busy reloading and re-typing all the notes on my 103 images. Lots of fun.

    Thanks again for all your help.

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