How do you get a blog removed that post personal info on you and your family?

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    That is the blog i am speaking about they make screen shots of a site off wikipidia which has since been removed because it gave away to much personal info, even though it was removed they screen shoted it and put it on the site. These people have given my pictures with my address and my childrens names. They claim they know me but these people dont. how do i get this off?



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    that is the link i am refering to it is not my blog but it is a blog about me and has very personal info that any internet preditor can come and get me because they are posting my information.


    Well are you scamming them? I just read over a few of the posts and it seems you, so they claim, scammed them. Now they’re posting all of this to warn others it seems. I don’t think they picked your name out of the phone book and said hey let’s terrorize this woman for no reason. They are also not in violation of any of your copyright. Just posting names and that kind of personal information.

    But you can contact Support here at It’s the weekend so don’t expect that quick of a reply. Explain the problem and you’ll get an email back.


    Actually this has been going on for 2 years. I bought something on CL and the person lied about what they were selling so i resold it for what it really was and they got upset these people are making stuff up they said they came to my house and i had a cat lmao i have a dog.. they said it smells like pee my dog is potty trained there has never been pee in my house it is all based on lies.


    And that link says I saw I did … what in the heck do you write. i have a police on the job over all this they posted so much stuff about me not just on here how to you contact the people on this site and what do you say


    how do you contact these people?
    I even have a police case number on these people.


    When you click that support link, does it say you’re logged in and it shows your username and email? If not, I think you need to get an account here first to send in a complaint. Not sure. I also forgot the direct email address for WordPress Support.


    yea i am logged in but i need a direct email address to contact them


    No, if you’re logged in, then select from the Topic drop down – TOS & Copyright

    Then write your complaint where it says I did, I saw, I expected


    The direct email address is only for if you’re not logged in and don’t have an account here at WordPress.COM.


    If the police are involved, can’t they contact WordPress and tell them what’s going on? I’ve had people threaten me saying they’re contacting Matt at WordPress to shut down my blog. I told them to go ahead.


    who is matt? I know nothing about this site.

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