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How do you get an invoice?

  1. I just renewed my upgrades and payed via Paypal. As I am using WordPress for my employer, I would like to get in invoice. I searched the Forum and the Website, but no way to download or get my invoices. Any clues? The contact form is down right now.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. If the receipt from PayPal is not sufficient, you need to get in touch with staff. I tagged this thread to get their attention.

  3. Thx, for the help.

  4. I have re-sent the receipts to the email address on file.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  5. I was billed for the annual fee of an upgrade to my site, and I need an invoice/receipt. How do I get one?

    My e-mail is [email redacted]

  6. This thread has been flagged so Staff will respond to you.

  7. journalism320, I have re-sent the receipt to the email address on file.

  8. Please can I get a receipt for the upgrades I've just made:


    Rob yorke

  9. cmoptions, I have re-sent the receipts to the email address on file.

  10. forestfieldsforever

    can you nice people at worpress re-send me an invoice for the re-direction fee I paid a few weeks ago. Ta very much

  11. What was the date?
    What is the URL of the "root" blog?
    What is the URL of the domain?

  12. @forestfiledsforever
    Please send all of your details to Staff in a support ticket by using this link.

  13. The link timethief posted is still down. I also need an invoice for the purchase of the domain registration (5/6/2011) that includes the extra payment to make my details private ( I know the domain was $17 and the privacy thing was $8 but the email receipt I got showed the $17 cost and then gave a total of $25 without mentioning the privacy cost - my boss will ask questions :)


  14. Send your request to [email redacted]

    For your information, the link posted by timethief was active at the time.

  15. Thanks for the email address I'll send it there.

    Well I am not sure what's happening when I click the link but I get a page that says:
    "Pardon the interruption while we work on some contact form updates. We’ll be back soon!
    The Forums are still available for general questions and help."

    And I could not find a link to a support ticket on there.

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