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How Do You Get Exposure???

  1. Okay so I've been blogging for a couple months now, probably only have 8 posts or so but apparently it's not a question of posting more frequently (which I will need to do at some point) but I don't even get any views let alone comments/subscribers. FYI it's a video game blog that I think is fairly unique. Do I just spam around message boards or what???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Video games hmm... we share something in common :) lots of traffic tips there.

  3. Get at reality tv show.

  4. you mean besides streaking?

  5. @ Leetgamer: thanks for the help I appreciate it.

    As for the others, what's the point of being a jerk? As far as I know this is a legitimate question for someone that's new to this.

  6. Because they like to steamroll newbies.

  7. pornstarbabylon

    Twitter. I don't even link from my Twitter and my traffic has gone up since I got the Twitter account. Just talking about what I post gets me traffic. People do search the Twitter search to see what others are talking about on the same subjects.

    Have categories so they link back to the global tag page. No more than 12 or else you might get kicked off.

    Update regularly.

    Comment on similar type blogs, forums, and websites with a link back to your blog either in the username or signature.

    Don't do what everyone else does. Stand out and be original if you can.

  8. I am oddly disappointed. Woulda thought a porn blogger could have better ideas about exposure than THAT!

  9. pornstarbabylon

    But I'm the only porn blogger whose blog has no porn. So my opportunities are limited. I have also alienated everyone in the industry it seems and probably wouldn't be allowed to do what everyone else does to self promote.

    This other porn blog where I contribute will soon come to an end. Got a lot of exposure there with many more knowing who the hell I am just by writing and commenting there. But he will soon redirect all traffic to his new website dedicated to dogs. Second well known Jewish porn blogger in less than two years that has thrown in the towel and blog about something different. First one blogs about Jewish things and now the second one will blog about dogs.

    If I was nicer to people and kissed ass and followed the golden rule of keeping quiet, I could get more traffic and exposure. But doesn't look like that will ever happen. :O

  10. Jewish dog porn? Wow, ya learn sumpthin new every day.

  11. pornstarbabylon

    Stay in it for as many years as they have, you leave this industry screaming. I've only been "in it" since December 2007 and I'm already judging my sanity.

  12. Since the day my Dogma ate my Karma, I have been at perfect peace in Jesus. I'll read your Blog Shrike. Hey, we have to start somewhere. I'm new here as well, not new to the web, and or trying to get a message read however, therefore, what I can offer is to keep doing something. Doesn't have to be flashing lights and billboards, but like anything in life "Networking" begins with you. The one thing that I found, while trying to get exposure to my web site, which has I think 46 members (now) and is about 9 months old was to show interest in others sites and blogs etc, and to only call attention to my own site if the conversation, in general turned it up , or by leaving a Link where ever there was a "Link" page available, or other links present opening a window of opportunity for me to ask if I could also post mine.
    I have some more, much better ideas that I am sure would bring a lot more traffic, though I have not tryed them yet. Mainly because, the number one of those would mean I would have to go and pretty much , try to do the same thing all over again, and that being to build a "Community" around a "Social" Networking page like Face Book etc. Another, and actually probably the best for the more serious Blog/Web builder, would be to create a "Steaming" Type click and drag (Word Form) video off some program like "Windows Movie Maker" and post it onto something like YouTube. so, anyway,I'm off to read your blogs now, and as long as this thing went, I may just post it as one of my own. Bye

  13. pornstarbabylon

    Argue with people and make wild accusations about others short of getting yourself sued. Because I've never been one to keep quiet, many think I'm crazy when usually many keep their mouths shut. Now I'm the "crazy girl blogger that won't shut up". You'll piss off many and they'll either hate you or love you.

  14. one of the best ways to get traffic is to blog about what people are most interested in....(as long as you like the same subjects)....if you are blogging about some obscure, no interest thing, then obviously you will have very little traffic....also, the quality of the writing and images(if you post images) is crucial...and create a place(your blog) where people want to be, stay and linger....these are simple things but really are important...because next comes word of mouth advertising....think of how fast something like "where the hell is Mat" caught on....i stumbled that on stumbleupon and sent it to a lot of friends...and i wasn't the only one who did that.....the video,"where the hell is mat" has all the aforementioned unique and original...and have fun, people will pick up on whether you are enjoying what you do or are just writing and it for you first and the traffic will happen... hope this helps.... maureenlynne

  15. It can be hard to get the traffic through, Im getting about 500 hits a month on and im doing that through twitter mostly and a few emails here and there. I want to have so much more than that as the content deserves it. I have journalists writing things for me about music, Im just waiting to get paid then I am going to have a bit of advertising spree. If anybody knows of any venues or bands that want to advertise let me know!! or in fact any like minded bloggers.


  16. pornstarbabylon

    newbeats4u, you should place categories on each post so they go to the global page where many more people looking for the same topic will see it. No more than 12 categories per post or you might get kicked off the global page thinking it's spam.

    Comment on similar type blogs and forums with a link back to your blog.

    And go to your profile and place the url of your blog, starting with http:, so it can be clickable here on the forum and other blogs if you comment on their blogs.

  17. pornstarbabylon

    Oh wait, just looked again and you're not a WordPress.COIM blog. Then nevermind. The global page is only for .com and not for self hosted sites.

  18. is there a place for self hosted sites too? or would it be wise to run one one on the wordpress server as I feel I am being punished for hosting my own.

  19. pornstarbabylon

    No there isn't a place for self hosted sites on WordPress.ORG websites to have a global tag page.

    You're not being punished. You have more freedom and can do what you want and place ads and have javascript codes. The software here is different than with self hosted sites.

  20. i wrote a brief article on how to get exposure, if anyone is interested :)


  21. Myspace, facebook, twitter, comments, friends, business cards, all kinds of things

    Mr. Lonely is an animated series about the life of George Lonely a 0-1 at Miller's Mega Shop U.S.A, he's a lot like you and me stuck in a thankless job and he can't quit because he might be killed.

  22. Comments, though 2/30 are my odds of getting return traffic for this...
    Advertise on Facebook/Myspace/Twitter, that kind of stuff...

  23. lettershometoyou

    Canadians know it's easy to get exposure if you go outdoors in winter without your tuque or Maple Leafs jacket.

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