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How do you get more traffic to your blog?

  1. An easy way is post lots of comments on other websites. This way a lot of people could see your Blog on other Blogs. They might just take a peek. So you must have a lot of Information on your Blog. So even if they take a peek they will like your Blog and go there a lot of times. So Traffic will be increased.

  2. Lander101,why did you had to tell my secrete technique? damn you now everyone knows......

  3. Ahem.. pardon the tackiness, s*e/x and celebs gossiping... they work.
    Now, I don't do this but... it works! :-)

  4. I get maximum hits from search engines. Flickr, digg, mybloglog are okay too.

  5. spamming works too ahaha

  6. I get a few extra hits by posting something that's really popular. Like posting about the new Dark Knight movie got me a few... Oh, and spamming isn't right so :P

  7. so which is better to post links to your main page or to your specific post? If I link, which most of the time I do, I surround it with a lot of information [my thoughts] on a topic so it doesn't look like i'm just opening my legs and saying come on in ;)

    it'd be nice it wordpress kept a log/folder of the comments "denied" so you didn't have to paraphrase it when you return to flame the person that censored you :) !

  8. Write well, tag well, title well and they will come. You can title and tag well, but if they get there to find crap, they won't come back.

    Whatever genre you fit into, be you. Don't try be someone else and don't try get someone else's thunder. People figure that out fast, and dismiss you. Figure out what you really are, how you really write and where you really fit, and then do it well. Care about what you do and the rest will follow.

    Sounds too simple, but it's true.

  9. Borealdreams - on social networking sites (like Ballhype for me), link the story.
    If you're commenting somewhere, only provide the appropriate story-link... relevancy 'n' all.

  10. hurmm.. good advice here.. i'm new too, check my blog out here :

    Today's hot post is on the island dispute Pulau Batu Puteh or 'Pedra Bianca' between Malaysia and Singapore. Drop in and tell me what do you think of the topic today :-)

    ps: exchange links to my blogroll is most anticipated (^_^)

  11. Taking your time to volunteer in forums helps
    drive traffic too Since I started helping out in
    the forums I have been getting alot of hits from
    people clicking on my "User~Name"

  12. I agree with fracas. While we'd all love to boast about thousands of hits on our blog each day -- be true to what you have a passion for.

    A couple of years ago I used to have a really popular blog on a different site where I discussed stocks and options. It suddenly caught fire when a couple of well-known celebs mentioned they were fans of the site and did some live interactive chats about their investment styles for those who visited my site. Frankly, it became more of a headache than it was worth, because suddenly I had to deal with moving it to a paid side, paying for bandwidth, and people who were just there to be groupies ruined the whole premise.

    I just recently started a new blog on stocks and investments on wordpress. I am purposely going extremely slow, in the hopes that those who share the same passion will slowly but surely become regulars. Eventually I'll probably start posting more video interviews I do with people, and then open it up as a live chat feature -- even though I'll likely have to divert people to a separate site for the chats.

    In any case, just give it to people straight-up. People can spot bs and crap a mile away.

  13. P.S. My blog address is -- I only mention this, because it sometimes comes up as an error when people try to click on my name in posts.

  14. thebrokenforum

    It takes time. Being active helps as well as having regular updates. Tags help. Good content. Flame wars might garner some traffic but it might not be traffic you necessarily want.

  15. Being active definitely helps. I've shifted blogs, and the content of what you blog about should be interesting if you expect readers to come back again. My previous blog hit around 250 hits av. everyday - I don't really know why, but I was a really hyper,random kid then who blogged about the most random things in the world - and a few commentators seemed to like that.

    Just be yourself, and if having many hits make you feel like you've succeeded in something, then go for it, make it known.

  16. I have just started blogging and most of my hits have come from providing links to articles in my blog that people may find relevant in related forums of which I am a member

  17. TAGS, They will do wonders!

  18. cathleen222 Member May 24th, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    P.S. My blog address is -- I only mention this, because it sometimes comes up as an error when people try to click on my name in posts.

    Go to Dashboard > Users > Your Profile and scroll down and place the exact full url of your blog next to Website. This will make your name now on the forum clickable and other people's blog comments.

  19. yes, tagging appears to be important as I can get my articles in 1st page of google searches if I type in a couple of my tags :)

    how to draw attention to older posts is another question, sometimes I write a post just to link to the one I want people to read to get it into the recent posts.

    i also link my page often in comments with a specific article that I consider relevant, but time consuming, and not just spam if in context.

  20. Yes, tagging gets me about 5% of the traffic btw I use this theme "Light", which completely hides tags so I can go crazy tagging :)

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