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How do you get people to visit your blog?

  1. Ive maid a blog and so far only had 3 people visit, Ive had this blog for 3 months, How do i get people to visit?

  2. it is depend what kinda topics/articles you posted in your blog. it should be something that everybody want to read or something that is useful for everybody..

    There are other way to increase your website traffic.. eg: clamming your weblog on Technorati.
    maybe. you may also find some articles for increasing web traffic of ur blog in this forum also..

    Good Luck..

  3. commenting on other people's blogs, they might return the favour.

    participate in forums, such as this. people will click on the link.

    leave a comment in the wordpress news. i get occasional hits from thr when i do that.

  4. Tens and twentys are always a plus as well. :)

    You might also want to explain what "Runescape" is as well. I don't have a clue myself. I'm guessing that it's some type of online game. If so, I would also work on trying to categorize your posts a bit better. If it is an online game, how about "online game" as a tag? Might be able to come up with others as well.

    To use an example, since I'm listening to it now, note how I've got this one tagged 'Pink Floyd', 'Youtube' and 'Wizard of Oz.' I could even probably come up with more as well.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Hey, I was kinda wondering the same thing (how to get people to check your blog). Posting on the forum is probably a good place to start. I just started a blog (was going to use it as a journal for my english class. Anyway, if you check mine, I'll check yours. ;-) Actually, I already read it . . . *your welcome!*

    Telling your friends about your blog is also a good way to get some people to check it out.

  6. Start with your Blogroll. Or start pressing the "Next" button on the right top of your wordpress and leave Comments. Best way, KEEP on writing, people might stumble upon your site one day. And if they find you interesting, then you're on the go.

  7. You can also use the "tag surfer" on your dashboard to locate bloggers writing on the same subjects. Then like sulz said you can visit their blogs and leave meaningful comments and they may do the same for you.

  8. If you're part of something like a fandom you can find forums dedicated to these topics and post in there, putting a link to your blog in your signature file. This can make a huge difference.

    The more you're involved in the online community, the more it will be involved with you.

    Oh yeah, flamewars are awesome for hits, too.

  9. tvoss3: i read your very new blog. may i suggest that your blog's purpose written in the first post be placed in your about page. i don't know about most, but the next thing i read on a blog is their about page. it helps to explain what you're talking about if they have no clue.

    you should also include your entire syllabus so if someone recognises one of the text in the list they might return in future, even if they are not interested in the text you are discussing at the moment.

    you are making a good start, keep it up!

  10. Oh yeah, flamewars are awesome for hits, too

    No they're not! How dare you say something like that! ;)

  11. Well, a few pointers I have.(although my blog is not really old).
    1.Make sure catagorize well.By this I mean use a couple of catagories for each post
    if possible.That way more people are likely to find your post.
    2.Add video or audio if possible you do not even have to use your own.
    People really do search for videos and podcasts.
    3.Surf other blogs and leave comments.Leaving comments being the most important part
    as they may not return the favor but others who visit the comments section may click
    on your name.
    4.Post to the forums.Again this works just like the leaving comments on a others blogs.

    Hope that helps!


  12. ummm ... Am I in a echo chamber or what? I'm wondering if the bloggers contributing to this ongoing thread actually read the suggestions at drmike's

  13. Hey sulz, thanks for the insight. I'll probably try to put together an about page sometime. Blogging does seem kind of cool. Not to bring up a new topic, but I think it's easier to write when your blog is available for the public eye. It's inspiring in some way, knowing someone might read what's written . . . kinda fun. (note: wasn't totally off topic ;-)

  14. tvoss3: i know what you mean. i was never able to keep a journal until i started my personal blog.

  15. timethief, my tip is NOT on Dr Mike's blog. And if it were, he wouldn't give me credit, the bastidge!

  16. My 2nd suggestion,Timetheif, was also not on that page. I have already gotten traffic from search engines just because of one video I posted. Unlike some people when I post to a subject, I actually try to include everything I can think of.


  17. @rain
    *lol* This is so west coast that it will crack you right up.
    Ahhh Ha! it worked my west coast prowess (craftiness) worked - everyone re-read drmike's post. *lol* And coyote's are tricksters, right? *lol* Lotus landers lighten up and live longer *lol*

    Seriously, I do believe that drmike will add in your unique idea blog promotion idea and the other unique ones too, as well as linking back. Of course you and I know that he's a straight shooter (and we're just joshing) but newcomers may not know that.

  18. Amazing! You got a whole two more clicks! I am in so much awe of your prowlness.What some people will do for a click never ceases to amaze me.Whatever...I am only came in here to try and help the new person out now I can at least walk out of this thread knowing MY motives were honorable.


  19. I have had over 66,000 Visitors but that's mostly in due of interviewing game developers and my interviews being posted on big videogame sites like and others. If you like Xbox 360 check out my blog!

  20. Forums is suggestion #1 in my article, rain. :)

  21. I know, I know [said she holding her gut and rolling on the floor] ...
    echo chamber ... yet each repeat is presumed unique *lol* and sarcasm offered for the sake of amusement (laughing at one's self) isn't even detected ...

  22. damn tremor

  23. Debate over or post some outrageous ideas over subjects like religion, politics or sports ;)

  24. Technorati works well for me.

    Don't forget to "claim your blog", put tags in the fields supplied by technorati at their site, and use a tag generator for your posts. Blogdesk editor has an excellent one built in even if you don't post with it and just generate tags.

    Online there's

  25. What about Digg? I've shown up there a couple of times, but I'm wondering if it's a community? I know nothing about it, though. If it is a real community, joining and contributing would probably be worthwhile.

  26. I removed all of the spelling posts from this thread. A friendly reminder that some of us have physical issues with being able to spell correctly. I let folks get away with a lot around here but I will draw the line on calling out people's spelling when it's not needed.

    Don't make me sick TT on you all. :)

  27. One more time:

    I will draw the line on calling out people's spelling when it's not needed

  28. drmike,

    Sorry. Didn't understand the english phrase "calling out people's spelling" and I tought just the opposite.

    It wasn't my intention :(


  29. I feel that when u start to write any content in ur blog, u should keep in mind that there is an audiance ur addressing to and hence one needs to be vigilant enough, not to let down his readers. so whatever u write abt, just make sure u give it ur best and leave the rest to readers.

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