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How do you get snow on your blog???

  1. Some of the blogs ive seen have white dots of "snow" falling down their page (and ive seen this on the wordpress homepage) but my blog dosen`t have that efect. How do i get my blog to do the same?

  2. Go your your Admin => Presentation => Extras and then check the box! Only available until Jan 2, 2008 though!


  3. Thanks!!

  4. Rosie, most Club Penguins want people to visit their blogs from what I've noticed. So if you want your name clickable here on the forum and on other blogs, go to Dachboard > My Profile and place the url link of your blog where it says Contact Info. Then click Update Profile and you're all set.

  5. Easy! Go to Dashboard, then Extras, then check mark the box "Snow on blog until JAN.2.

  6. Well, considering it's the 3rd of Jan now the snow's now over. Ironic considering some parts of the UK had snow today!

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