How do you get the paper clip feature on the Adventure Theme

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    When viewing the Adventure theme preview there is a paper clip that looks like it’s holding on the title for the page. Does anybody know how to get that once you’ve actually activated the theme? I’m stumped. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hm, not currently seeing it either in the Theme Showcase or the Demo site. Perhaps it was an oversight in the theme’s thumbnail in the Dashboard, because when you preview the theme, it doesn’t seem to be there either.


    I’m new to WordPress and thought…ok clearly I’m just ignorant. I thought it was a super cool addition to the theme. Hopefully someone knows what the deal is. Thanks for your Input J!



    You’re welcome. I’ve tagged this thread to have it moved into the Themes forum, so perhaps we can get one of the Theme team to comment on it.


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    Hello adventuresofafosterdad,

    Adventure Journal does not have a paperclip feature. The screenshot that you were seeing was outdated and I have updated it to reflect the correct design. It would be possible to add a paperclip much like the one in the screenshot by purchasing a custom design upgrade. You can read more about that here:



    I’ve just switched to Adventure Journal for the sticky tape and paper clip details, both of which are missing! Could you explain how to do add them in Custom design in more detail please? Thanks.



    The tape image is added to a post when you make it a “sticky” post. See here:

    As far as the paper clip, the answer just above yours explains that the paperclip is not available in the version of the theme made available for



    Thanks for your reply, JustJennifer. I’m going to try and add it in CSS.

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