How do you get your blog noticed?

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    Do you subscribe to other blogging forums, blogging directories?



    I’m rather in the same boat, I’m afraid. I recently started my blog on, and have yet to have an enormous number of “hits.” So when you find out, send me an email at (email redacted), okay?

    I will get on your blog, and I request that you do the same.

    Mark Kerrigan
    On the Mark Writing



    I think two of the main things are properly assigning categories and using the right post titles.

    I have about 400 different categories that I post blogs to, for example recently there has been a Football Quarterback involved in a public fury, I assigned a tag of his name, the word football, the guys football team name and what he did. What happens is that people click categories of that name on another blog and see yours listed in the same category.

    Other than that, the post title is vital. If your post title says just three words that give no info, thats not taking proper advantage… Try to post a short version of the entire post, so you might draw people in…




    You know, I’m kind of surprised that the FAQ doesn’t mention signatures. For example, I belong to several online communities where I have an automated signature insert, just as I do on my email. It looks like this

    Blogging our French adventures at

    and people naturally want to click on it. Didn’t you?



    Going and posting on other people’s blogs is another way to get a following of blogging “friends”. You post on my blog and I will usually check out yours as well. Also, if you post on several blogs, quite a few people will eventually start to click on your nickname and come and check out your blog.

    Peace, love and understanding.


    There are some helpful hints and links in the replies in this thread on blog promotion.



    There are at least a dozen threads on blog promotion, so do a forum search and you’ll find lots of good advice. Also check out the Off Topic forum, where there are several blog-pimping threads.


    Looks like this forum is becoming the place to be for general blog info, too. The OP is not on and I don’t find anything to indicate on her site either.

    So general question: do the forums serve only people, or everybody?



    Only people as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have time to deal with the blogosphere at large, unless they want to read my site and offer comments. I routinely berate people for linking their usernames to Myspace profiles or whatever.



    This is spam. Plain and simple.



    It’s not bad to link back too.

    Ya might think link back directs visitors to other sites, rite┬┐ Yeah, I thought that before but it’s actually not. Some sites like YT actually shows which site directs to them n’ ya can get even more visitors to your blog.

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