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How do you get your blog seen?

  1. I have a new blog. It's new. Okay, so it only has one entry so far, but soon I'm going to want to get people to actually read it. What are the best ways of doing this?

    Here it is anyway, short but sweet:

  2. If yours is a blog with "mature" contents then it ought to be marked "private".

  3. I'm also encouraging you to read about the limitations placed on such blogs at because the effects of your categories and tags not appearing on the global tag pages and your blog and posts not being considered in the Top Posts and Top Blogs and Growing blogs statistics is the exact opposite of "promotion".

  4. As I understand it there is no need to mark it as 'private', I should however report it as 'mature'.

  5. Timethief - I've reported her blog as 'mature' and it's marked as such now.

    Blacksilk - 'Mature' means your blog won't be listed here on on the popularity pages and such, but given the content, you're bound to get enough hits from search engines once they pick up your blog. Lorelle On WordPress and Internet Duct Tape (EngTech) have some good advice on how to get your blog noticed and visited.

  6. kimik0 - (Nice Japanese name, by the way, any reason for that?) If you'd given me the time to do it I'd have marked my blog as mature myself as I said I would. I really would've preferred to do it myself, it looks much more honest.

    Next time, not that there will be one, I would prefer to be allowed to do as I say I will.

  7. Hmm, it occurs to me that that last sentence may come across a little aggressive-sounding. It wasn't intended that way.

  8. No prob. I did that last night already when I first saw a link to your blog here, not today after reading this thread. *shrug* The result is the same anyway, and I doubt the staff have time to keep track of all the gazillions of blogs here personally.

  9. @blacksilk

    I really would've preferred to do it myself, it looks much more honest.

    Really? Then what was stopping you? I supplied you with the information you needed to act on this yourself yesterday and you chose not to act.

  10. Timethief - She didn't need to act on it since I already reported her blog last night (and got a confirmation from a moderator), before this topic was even started. Water under the bridge.

  11. @kimik0

    ... before before this topic was even started

    0.0 I didn't know that.

  12. @ kimik0 - Well, you're right I guess, WordPress aren't really going to care who did what, sorry if there's been any misunderstanding. Thanks.

    @ timethief - I didn't choose not to act, I was going to do it when I logged on today, though you may not believe it, or you might :) After posting I basically had to disappear off to do other more vital things, I was saving your link til the morning. No dishonesty on my part, I swear.

    @ all - Well since that's cleared up I'd best get back to my 'more vital things'. A degree doesn't earn itself and final year is where the cookie crumbles.

    Thanks for the advice.

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