How do you have background music play consistantly?

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    How do you have background music play without stopping when going from page to page? We have made a wedding website and want a song to play while people browse the different pages. However, we cannot figure out how to do this without it stopping when you look at a different page. Please help! :)
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    The WordPress player does not provide autoplay music. You can try an alternative player:

    Please note: autoplay is a major irritant for some people (myself included). Many of us will click out never to return again if we experience someone else’s musical taste and have not been given an option to listen or not. I never return to such blogs.


    This is an EXTREMELY poor idea and something that no website should ever implement.

    Consider that people may be viewing at work, or while someone is sleeping. Maybe they have other music playing in the background or are running a web video or any number of other reasons.

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