How do you have the sharing buttons at the top of pages?

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    How do you get the share buttons to the top of a post as well as the standard position at the bottom?
    Also, can I get the floating sharing buttons thing happening at the side?
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    The share buttons are set through the Settings > Sharing feature and in the WordPress Widgets screen through the various sharing Widgets. They are styled by each WordPress Theme individually and can only be rearranged in the sidebar and footer area with Widgets or if the Theme permits such customization as a Theme option.



    You can rearrange elements you can add to a page using custom CSS, which is part of the Custom Design upgrade. With that option, you can adjust the appearance of things which are already on the page, but you cannot add new, dynamic content. This means you can move the sharing buttons but you cannot duplicate them.

    To get social media buttons in the sidebar (not exactly the same as sharing buttons but might be of interest to you), try the About Me widget:

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