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How do you hide tags?

  1. hi there, saw an old post about this but it didn't resolve my issue so i'm raising it again.
    i'd like to hide the tags on my posts, i bought the custom css upgrade and tried pasting this to the html editor:
    .postmetadata {
    but it didn't change anything.
    i have tarski.
    thanks to anyone who can help. i just don't like the look of the blog if i've added 50 tags to something.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll flag this thread so it gets moved to the CSS editing forum for you. When you alter a theme’s stylesheet, you only need to put in the Editor the modification/additions to the CSS, not the entire thing. Read this for more info -->

  3. I did a forum search for you. In Tarski all the post metadata are defined by the same selector, so you can't hide categories and tags without hiding the date stamp and the comments to but see what hallluke suggests here --> ).

  4. So, how do we hide it if we didn't buy the CSS upgrade?

  5. @stopdontgetmarriedyet: I found this in :

    The only theme here that gives you the option to hide categories or tags on posts is the iNove theme (under theme options).

  6. There has actually been a change. The categories and tags links we assign to out posts now only direct to content within our own blogs. >

  7. @monasapple, the theme you are using has all the post metadata (date, categories, tags and the comment link) in a single selector in the CSS, which means that you cannot hide just part of it. It is "hide it all or hide nothing." This hides everything:

    .post-metadata {
    display: none;

    CSS is theme specific, so if you search for a solution in the forums, you have to make sure that what you find is for your specific theme.

  8. It is ridiculous that we cannot hide Tags or Categories or both on all themes without using CSS? There should simply be an "on or off" select button. I am sure that whomever reads my blogs really doesn't care what I have chosen as tags or categories.

    What's up WordPress? Why so difficult?

  9. Use the iNove theme. It gives you the ability to turn off the display of author, tags and categories from theme options.

    To give that ability to all themes here would require hacking 140+ themes (the PHP script files) and in the case of the older themes, it would be more difficult since the tags and cats are not separate divs, but included in other divs. That would mean adding the divs (and the necessary PHP scripting) and then adding the necessary CSS to style those new divs. It isn't just a matter of putting a selectable radio button somewhere so that you can click it.

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