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how do you highlight a post?

  1. how would you highlight a post? haveing say a grey box or colored box behind your text? in a post?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You would have to have a theme that would do that, and set it as a Sticky post. Or you could do it via CSS if you knew CSS well.

  3. Nerts! I searched you blog and couldn't find that post - bookmarking!

  4. this is what i mean...

  5. @freetosing
    Read and try either of the links given to you above.

  6. thanks i did read and i did try but it does not look the same... oh well

  7. i found the way i mean thanks!!!!

  8. i was wondering the same?

    is there anyway to add " Color " to
    the Dashboard?

    the colors you have on the Dashboard looks
    " Depressing "

    i write, to see depressing colors, tends to one down :(

  9. @kido10
    You and freetosing are not talking about the same thing. Freetosing has received the correct links to answer her question. All she had to do was to follow the instructions she finds at the links provided.

    is there anyway to add " Color " to
    the Dashboard?

    There are two pre-set and non-variable choices. You can make your dashboard coloration choice here -> Users -> Your Profile
    Admin Color Scheme make the change and then click "Update Profile"

  10. can i use colors off my machine?
    hey that's cool. just thought i'd ask.


  11. @kido10
    I was nice and answered your first off-topic question posted into this thread even though what you did amounted to threadjacking. I'm not doing this again. Please use the forum searchbox and if you cannot find an on topic thread to post to then create a new thread.

    On the front page of this forum under the important sticky posts with yellow backgrounds, which I recommend reading, you will see
    Latest Discussions — Add new topic » click the Add new topic link in order to post a new thread when required.

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