How do you indent the first line of a paragraph (for prose, not poetry)?

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    I want to post text that looks like a page from a novel where the first line of each paragraph is indented. The “Writing and formatting Poetry” support page describes how to do this for poetry, but when I tried it my text was expanded sideways and the blog displayed a sideways navigation bar.
    I tried pasting from Word, using the Word insert tool, but the indent formatting was lost.

    The blog I need help with is



    That is rather odd. should work for that too.

    Would you please try again and give us a link to the post if it still doesn’t work?


    I followed the instructions in the above support and my text entrynow looks like this:

    The silence ....... [text continues for six paragraphs]

    and the result is that a navigation bar has appeared, and there are no indents. Do I have to manually indent each line with a style command?

    The link to the page is here:



    Yes, in this case you have to add in the line breaks too.


    OK, I tried again with a style command at the start of each paragraph and an end style command at the end of each paragraph and I got the effect I wanted.
    So, does this mean there is no way to copy indents over from Word or to use a global style command that will indent each first line, and the style command I used has to be entered for each line I want indented?



    Yes, it would have to be entered for each line.

    Word is a word processor, not an HTML editor, so a great deal of its formatting is actually proprietary and impossible for us to translate, even if you use the Paste from Word button.


    OK, thank you very much for your help; I have it all worked out now!



    You’re welcome!

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