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How do you inspire the uninspired?

  1. You can be supportive of what others are currently doing, this is something i'm struggling with and wanted to know do any of you bloggers who share a blog with others ever find one of your team mates seems a little uninspired?
    When it comes to our blog the mastermind behind it all is my partner Swaggtalk100 this suave, funny, talented guy who has so much to offer the blogging scene, but because his posts dont get alot of love he is under the notion that what he blogs about does'nt appeal to the majority of our wonderful readers. Dont know why exactly, but thats what he believes.

    This is only something he thinks however as i've told him before that his lack of participation on his blog as well as on others blog which might be what he is seeing. So how do I get a person who has it in them to blog, who knows about so much fun stuff from a males pov to blog more?? Its basically all up to me and he is use to what i'm saying so personally (imo) he needs to be inspired by some of his readers. I've told some of my co-workers and classmates who liked our blog and his posts to ignore mines, comment on his and to show support for things he's interested in or blogging about.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Any suggestions?? because my creativity is spent and my blogging days might be numbered if I stay on this solo path.

    one woman can only do so much *sigh*

  3. theintentionalsage

    It sounds like your male partner is struggling with his sense of self. I don't think his 'uninspired-ness' has anything to do with the blogging world. My sense is that there might be something else in his life that is troubling him right now. I'm not sure how close you are to your blogging partner, but if it feels right to you, I would suggest trying to see if there's something that's been on his mind that he'd like to talk about.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  4. interestsofmichaelyoung

    I can only relate using my own personal experiences of course.. From that perspective it sounds like he is self conscious and is therefore feeling disapointed or let down as he put himself out there and is not as accepted as he would like. Somewhat like rejection. If I can find his stuff I will gladly read and comment.. I myself am very sf conscious, this is why I started my blog. To push me to get over myself and do what I love. Encourage him as you can, however this might be one of those things that only he can change.


  5. @ theintentionalsage

    That might be it a case of self doubt or worth when it comes to bringing out his inner thoughts, blogging is a good venting tool as well which i've explained to him several times whatever is bothering him get it out some way. He is a cool dude who is knowledgable of so many more things than i am especially from a mans point of view.

    His take on music, sports and just over all life is amazing to me and thats not just being said because he's my friend or blogging buddy, it truly comes from my heart, but for some reason he is under the impression that people might not like his style of blogging. If so which i doubt it, things only seem that way do to his lack of involvement.

    @ michaelmjolnir

    He can type for hours with regular people he is familiar with on social sites, but blogging is great when your trying to meet more like minded people, for him he see's everything from a one sided angle. I highly doubt i could encourage him anymore than i already have. Then when he is mentally M.I.A from his blog i'm left with replying nd creating post all and all running a blog solely can be stressful all depends on where your exactly trying to take the blog too.

    Getting him to meet more like minded people who share a passion for fashion, sports, work and being around good people is something he desperately needs right now. I am trying not to push the issue, but its went on long enough, i even went on strike awhile back because I wanted his posts idea's and thoughts to shine so all others could pay attention to him for a change.

    Thanks for reading my mini blog rant and offering words that might help
    its greatly appreciated as this issue has bothered me off and on for months now.

  6. :(

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