How do you make the banner link to home website?

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    I’ve upgraded to the css with wordpress.

    How do I make my custom blog banner link to the home website? I can’t figure out how to access the html to make an href. But I read in different post that this was possible using css.

    Can someone show me in how to do this?

    This is the blogsite:




    Please consider linking your username to your blog as explained in the sticky at the top of the forum:

    Go into your dashboard -> users -> your profile -> then scroll down to ‘contact info’. In the spot where it says ‘website’ fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.
    Now… when you comment here and on other blogs, your name will link to your blog. If you do this before you post your request for help, it will allow forum volunteers to be able to help you quicker since they won’t have to ask you for a link and wait until you come back to post one.

    We do not have access to the HTML files here but it is indeed possible. Take a look at how I did it with The Journalist here. The key seems to be the text indent.



    Please note that staff have said that if, in their opinion, the primary purpose of a blog is to drive traffic to an external website, they may delete or suspend that blog.



    @raincoaster, I think the OP means the homepage of her blog, not an external website. But I could be wrong.


    Hmmmmmm. From the replies here, it looks like that I can’t make a link using the image that I uploaded to the home website. I was wanting to integrate the two.

    The plan was to have a blog where Masterlandscapers could write informative articles on gardening and landscaping. Also people could ask gardening and landscaping questions and have them answered by the pros.

    Is my $15 wasted?

    Just to be clear – I’ve linked the home website to this blog. Now I want to link the blog back to the website. I want people to be able to click the banner and return to the website.

    Does anyone know if google Blogger allows this type of modification?



    I thought you wanted to make your header link to your blog, kinda like a home tab. But if you want to link the header to an external website, I don’t know of any way to do that. About the only thing I am aware that you can do is put a tab in with a link to the website (by writing a page with the title Website name) but it may or may not work with your theme.

    And you didn’t need CSS for that. (One of the many reasons why it is recommended to use the CSS preview before purchasing.) I don’t know if support will give you your money back.

    As for Blogger – you’ll have to ask over there.


    I’ve just come across a thread from another newbie who seems to have the same problem – it seems like I might have paid for the wrong upgrade. She seems to be paying $10 to point the domain name to another website. Is that a possible solution?

    Vivian – Can you take a look at this thread and see if I’ve understood it correctly?

    thanks a bunch!



    The domain mapping allows you to use a URL without the “wordpress” in it for a blog. It doesn’t change the functionality of the blog at all. The only way to link from your blog to another website is to put the link in the sidebar, or as a page tab. You cannot make the header of your blog point to another site.



    If you already have a website for your company which you host elsewhere, a better solution for you might be to download the free software and install that as a blog in a subdomain of your website. That way you’ll have complete control over the integration of the two parts and no concerns about breaching the terms of service here.



    @masterlandscapers – I saw that thread. And this one, too – – which is really asking the same question as you apparently have.

    rosclarke is exactly right. You can have a page tab linking to the external site (I put it in above and forget the back ticks) by making this as the page title:

    <a href="url of external site">Website name</a>

    but there is no way that I am aware of to link the HEADER to another website.


    Thanks so much for your help!

    Question: The blog as I’ve described it – does it represent a contravention of the terms of service? They are hoping to get a group of (local) people together to share info – and upload pictures & stories of their property improvements.



    So long as the blog itself has actual substantial content rather than simply being a series of links to another website it should be fine.



    We are all just volunteers in the forum and can’t make that kind of call. Best bet would be to contact staff and ask.


    I think I’ve answered my own question. I was concerned about Raincoaster’s comment.

    So I went through the terms of service which I clicked through earlier ;)

    I found the following statements which covered me as a legal blog:
    1. Business: Professionals ranging from realtors to lawyers and stock brokers are using blogs to share their expertise. And companies are discovering the power of blogs to communicate with their customers via company news and announcements, product reviews, user stories, testimonials, etc.

    2. How-to, tips and reviews: There are lots of blogs that share tips and reviews about cooking, products, games, music, books, movies, and so on.

    Since this is exactly what we intend – we are legal. Hew!

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