How do you make the text on your page smaller?

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    My page,, has 12 point or 14 point text or something ridiculous like this. I’ve scoured the options and can’t find a way to make it smaller. Can anyone help me? I just want to decrease the default size to 9 or 10 point font.

    The blog I need help with is



    f you are expecting to be able to click a button and change fonts throughout your blog then it’s not that easily done. There are 4 ways to change fonts on blogs.
    (1) Changing font colors and size on posts or pages either post by post or page by page
    (2) Changing font colors using the #4 icon
    (3) Changing font families using TypeKit Fonts
    (4) Changing font families, colors & sizes by purchasing an annually renewable CSS editing upgrade and doing the work yourself

    Also note you may not like the fonts supplied your theme but it’s important to know that regardless which fonts you may wish to choose to jazz up your blog with, your browser and your visitors’ browsers can only use the fonts installed in the same computer. Obviously not every visitor to your blog will have the same fonts installed in their computers as you do on yours, so you can immediately see that problems will arise unless you choose to use common fonts.

    If a reader does not have a specific font installed on his / her computer, the browser will determine which font is displayed. There are a very limited number of fonts (in English/Western languages) which are common for most operating systems/computers/browsers.

    That being said, do be aware that we can all increase the font size of any webpage we are reading in our browsers. >


    Also note that a visitor doesn’t necessarily see what you see, because screen resolutions vary. If you think the font-size in the theme you’re using is “ridiculously” large, then you’ve got a low-resolution screen. But many users have high-resolution screens: if you decrease the font-size, it will look ridiculously small to them.

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