How do you move a page?

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    Hey everyone,

    I am new here and trying to set up my blog. Any info would be appreciated. How do you move the pages on the blog? I have a “welcome” page, and want that to be first, but I cannot seem to get it to move!



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    When you create/edit/modify a page, in the right colum would will find the “page attributes” where you will be able to decide if your page is a sub page of another one and below, the number of the page which will define the order in which they will be seen.


    What I think you are wanting is to have your welcome page as the main landing page for your blog, is that correct? And you also want it at the left end of the navigation bar, correct?

    If so, first go to settings > reading and select your “welcome” page from the “front page” pulldown. You will also have to create and set a “blog” page for your posts unless you do not intend on using posts, but only static pages.

    Next, you will want to create a custom menu and put the pages into that menu in the order you want them.

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